Coll de Soller - Bunyola

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Bunyola 505 257 5.0 5.14 168 ***

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The southern side of the Coll de Soller is an easy climb. It is not very long and the gradient is both gentle and very consistent, enabling you to maintain a steady rhythm.

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is in very good condition for the length of the climb. It is wide and smooth throughout.

There is not a lot of traffic on the climb, but you will encounter a car every few minutes. Certainly not enough though to become a nuissance - even in the height of summer.

Climb Description

Coll de Soller

The climb to Coll de Soller from the south begins at the entrance to the tunnel on the Ma-11, situated 2km to the north of Bunyola. There is a roundabout just before the entrance to the tunnel, where you must turn left - here you will see the sign indicating the start of the climb.

The Coll de Soller used to be the main road to Soller before the tunnel was opened in the 1990s. Nowadays most cars use the tunnel, leaving the Coll for us cyclists. The southern side is characterised by numerous hairpins which maintain a very steady gradient throughout.

This side is slightly more sceneic than climbing it from the north with very picturesque views looking back down the mountain. The road is bordered on both sides by a dry stone wall which is very typical of Mallorca. Coll de Soller is open throughout the year.

Alternative Route

The Coll de Soller can also be climbed from the north side.

Nearby Climbs

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You can climb the Coll de Soller on our Mountains of Mallorca cycling holiday.