Puig Major - Soller

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Soller 871 854 14.5 5.89 553 ***

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Puig Major is not a difficult climb, and the rating probably makes it seem slightly harder than it is. The gradient is very steady throughout with no steep ramps and, although it is the highest climb in Mallorca, the altitude is no factor.

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is in excellent condition for the entire length of the climb. It is wide and with gentle corners, which also make for a fast descent. Traffic on the road varies depending on the season. In summer it is very busy and the traffic is disturbing. The rest of the year it is relatively quiet, although the earlier that you can start the climb the better.

Because the road is wide and there are plenty of stretches where it easy for cars to overtake, the traffic is generally not a problem outside of July and August.

Climb Description

Puig Major is the highest climb in Mallorca and is situated in the Tramuntana Mountains in the north of the island. The climbs begins from the roundabout where the Ma-10 and Ma-11 meet, between the towns of Soller and Port Soller. The climb follows the Ma-10 for its entire length and finishes just after a tunnel near the Cuber Reservoir.

The scenery along the climb is typical of the Tramuntana Mountains; largely rocky but with some pine woodland. There are pleasant views looking down onto Soller, but it never really opens up giving you a full panorama, and the coast is hidden by the mountains on your left hand side.

The better scenery is found if you continue along the Ma-10 after Puig Major in the direction of Sa Calobra and Pollensa. At the top of Puig Major, there is a road that continues further towards the mountain peak itself, but this is now a military base and is not accessible for cyclists.

Puig Major is usually open all year. There is a small chance of snow in January and February which will close access, but this is normally only for a day or two at a time, and does not happen every year. In July and August the heat and traffic makes it less pleasant than during the rest of the year.

Alternative Route

It is possible to climb Puig Major from the other side, on the Ma-10. This is a short climb of around 5km at 5% average gradient; however, to get to the start you will have to have already climbed the Coll de Femenia or Coll de sa Batalla, which adds to the overall challenge.

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