Valencia Self-Guided Cycling Holiday
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Self-Guided Cycling Holiday

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Valencia & Aragon
Self-Guided Cycling Tour
Length: 7 Days
Level: Difficulty Easy to Medium
Price: €1,220 EUR
This self-guided cycling holiday explores the diverse regions of Valencia and Aragon in Eastern Spain. Ride through natural parks and incredible scenery on this tour, while discovering the history, gastronomy and culture of the region.

Beginning in the fairytale town of AlbarracĂ­n, the holiday stays in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Teruel, the Roman city of Segorbe and the spa town of Montanejos. All before arriving in the enchanting city of Valencia itself. You will visit stunning Medieval castles, thermal springs and some of the most significant Roman remains in the world, and you can enjoy the fine gastronomony in this part of the world.

The tour is suitable for riders of all levels and follows quiet roads and cycling greenways. Below you can find a detailed itinerary, and click on the tabs to see more highlights, as well as all the practical information about the holiday.

We also run a guided version of this tour.
Valencia & Aragon Tour Map

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Day 1 - Albarracín

We pick you up from Valencia airport or train station and transfer you to Albarracín, situated on a high plateau in the region of Aragon.

One of the most charming and picturesque towns in Spain, AlbarracĂ­n is often described as a fairytale town. It is surrounded by a largely intact Medieval wall and has a compact old town, centered around the Alcazar and several impressive palaces.

Depending on your arrival time there is the possibility to do a circular ride around the town.
Medieval village of Albarracín
The Medieval village of Albarracín

Day 2 - Teruel

From Albarracín your route begins by riding through the fragrant pine forests of the Rodeno Natural Park. Following narrow, winding lanes you pass through small, rural villages on the way to the provincial capital of Aragon - Teruel.

Teruel is a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks to its incredible Mudéjar architecture. Its historic center is a stunning mixture of Romanesque, Islamic and Renaissance styles; which hints at the truly diverse history of this part of Spain.

The area was a key part of the Kingdom of Aragon, which at its peak in the Middle Ages controlled large parts of the Mediterranean, including territory as far away as Athens!

Cycle Routes:

Short Route: 35km (23 miles)

Long Route: 60km (38 miles)
Cycling Past a Reservoir
Riding through a Natural Park

Day 3 - Mora de Rubielos

From Teruel your route joins a cycling greenway. Constructed from an old railway line, this traverses the dramatic rocky landscapes of Aragon. It's a quiet and peaceful ride through impressive natural surroundings. It's common here to see eagles and vultures soaring majestically above.

Your destination is Mora de Rubielos - a charming town which is dominated by its large Medieval castle. For centuries Mora was a key frontier town during conflicts between the rival kingdoms of Castile and Aragon, and much of its old town remain from this period.

The town is also famous for the truffles harvested in the surrounding countryside. The spa hotel where you stay has an excellent truffle based tasting menu which comes highly recommended!

Cycle Routes:

Short Route: 38km (25 miles)

Long Route: 61km (37 miles)
Valencia Historic Villages
Historic villages dot the landscape

Day 4 - Montanejos

The route today crosses from the region of Aragon into the province of Valencia. Much of the day follows a stunning route alongside a dramatic gorge overlooking the gushing Mijares River.

The ride ends in the small town of Montanejos which is home to excellent thermal springs. The natural baths which dominate the town came to prominence in the Medieval period, when Montanejos was part of the Muslim caliphate of Al-Andalus (Andalucia). They are free to visit and situated close to the hotel so make for a very relaxing afternoon and early evening!

Cycle Routes:

Short Route: 39km (26 miles)

Long Route: 64km (39 miles)
Montanejos Thermal Springs
Montanejos Thermal Springs

Day 5 - Segorbe & Sierra Espadán Park

From Montanejos your route heads east, as you continue to make your way towards the Mediterranean coast. The first part of the ride follows an undulating road through picturesque open scenery. You ride through orchards of almond, apricot and cherry trees, which are just some of the many vibrant colors on display.

Half way into the route you join a cycling greenway which continues gently downhill through the Sierra Espadán Natural Park. You pass through the historic town of Jérica before arriving in Navajas - home to several spectacular waterfalls.

The day finishes in the nearby town of Segorbe. An important center since Roman times, Segorbe is another town with a charming historic center dominated by its hilltop castle and Medieval wall. It is also known for its production of olive oil, which flows freely at the various restaurants in the old town.

Cycle Routes:

Short Route: 38km (25 miles)

Long Route: 69km (43 miles)
Bridge near Montanejos
Riding over a Medieval Bridge

Day 6 - Sagunto & Valencia

The final day in the saddle continues on off-road greenways, heading downhill towards the Mediterranean coast and the city of Sagunto. The scenery is dominated by the orange trees, for which the Valencia region is so renowned.

An important town in the Ancient World, Sagunto played a key role in the development of history in the west. It was here that Hannibal besieged before taking his elephants across the Alps and entering into the Second Punic War with the Rome. An event which changed the power balance of the Mediterranean world for seven centuries and led directly to Roman occupation of Spain.

The remains of the Roman citadel are the star attraction and are combined with a later Arabic castle built on the same hilltop. Elsewhere in the town the Roman theatre and Jewish quarter are also well worth visiting.

From Sagunto, the shorter route takes the suburban train the short distance to the edge of Valencia. It is then just a short ride along the city beach and through the spectacular Turia gardens to your hotel in the heart of the city.

The longer route cycles through the orchards into Valencia. Your hotel is very well located, just a short walk from both the cathedral and the UNESCO World Heritage listed silk exchange.

Cycle Routes:

Short Route: 35km (23 miles)

Long Route: 68km (43 miles)
Sagunto Citadel
Sagunto Citadel - The fortress that sparked an ancient World War!

Day 7 - Valencia

After breakfast, the cycling holiday comes to an end. We can help to arrange extra nights for you to stay in Valencia and discover more about one of Spain's finest cities.

If you prefer not to extend your stay, we will transfer you to Valencia's airport or train station in time for your onward journey.

Valencia's Silk Exchange
Valencia's Silk Exchange

This multi-faceted tour has something incredible for everyone to enjoy. The Medieval centres of Albarracín, and Segorbe take you back in time to a different world. While the castles of Mora and Sagunto played an active role in some of the most important events in Mediterranean history.

The architecture of Teruel and Valencia is unique in its combination of Muslim and Renaissance styles. The thermal baths at Montanejos and the natural scenery of the Calderona and Espadán Natural Parks are breathtaking.

The gastronomy is also a real highlight. There is ample opportunity to taste the local specialities; including Teruel Ham, black truffles and, of course, the traditional Valencian paella.

And these are just a few of the many highlights of the tour. Check out more in the photo album below:

  • Six Nights Accommodation (see the Hotels section for more details)
  • Continental breakfast each day at the hotel
  • Bicycle Hire (Hybrid, road or e-bike).
  • Transfers to and from the arrival / departure point (Valencia - see below for details)
  • Luggage transferred between hotels
  • GPS tracks and mobile app, so that you can follow the routes stress free
  • Detailed information pack
Not Included:

Bicycle hire is included in the cost of the holiday, and we recommend our lightweight hybrid bikes or e-bikes for this tour. If you prefer we can also provide road bikes, although the routes do change slightly for these to avoid a couple of gravel sections.

More details about our bikes can be found on our bicycles page. All of our bikes come with helmets and handlebar bags if required, as well as a Cycle Fiesta water bottle.
Hybrid Bicycle Our lightweight hybrid bikes

Difficulty Level & Roads
We rate this tour as between easy and medium difficulty if you ride the shorter routes. The distances are quite long for an 'easy' tour, but we do start the route at well over 1000m (3300ft) altitude and finish at sea level, so there is more downhill than up!

There are some climbs on the holiday, but they are not too long and have gentle gradients so it's possible to get into a nice rhythm and spin up them at your own pace.

The routes follow a combination of quiet paved roads and cycling greenways. The cycle ways are mostly paved but have some short (non-technical) gravel sections. We hate riding alongside cars so avoid it as much as possible!

Find out more about our tour difficulty levels.

Arrival and Departure
The arrival and departure points are the city of Valencia. Valencia has a large international airport serving many destinations.

If you can not find a direct flight to Valencia, Alicante is nearest large airport, which is just two hours from Valencia by train or bus. Madrid is another option, with regular high speed trains running between Valencia and Madrid, taking just 90 minutes.

We will pick you up from anywhere in Valencia (e.g. airport, train station, a hotel) and transfer you to Albarracín at the start of the tour. And we will transfer you back to Valencia airport or train station at the end of the holiday. Please contact us if you would like any advice or more information regarding getting to and from Valencia.
Valencia Arrivals and Departure Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse through some of the frequently asked questions about this cycling tour. If you have any further questions, or would like any more information, please contact us and we will answer by email.

What is your policy regarding Covid travel restrictions?

*Covid Policy 2021*

In response to the Covid Pandemic we have made some temporary alterations to our standard terms and conditions.

Reservations made in 2021 (for holidays taking place in either 2021 or 2022) can be postponed for any time in the following two years, without penalty, if you are unable to travel as a result of travel restrictions or other uncertainty. Notification of the postponement must be made at least ten days before the start of the tour.

Before the balance of the invoice has been paid, the deposit of €150 is also refundable in full for reservations made in 2021, if holidays are cancelled because of Covid related travel restrictions or uncertainty.

For reservations not made in 2021, the normal terms and conditions regarding cancellation apply.

Should I do the longer or shorter routes?

This depends entirely on you! The longer and shorter routes all start and finish at the same place, and so you can decide on any given day which you would prefer to do. There is no need to commit until the day of the ride itself.

On the longer routes you see more and are able to visit more places, while the shorter routes are more relaxing and ideal if you like to take your time and go at a slower pace.

If you would like to visit the extra towns and monuments on the longer routes, but are worried about the distances, then we recommend hiring an e-bike, which will give you more flexibility.

What is the weather like?

This region is mostly dry and sunny, with little rain. The best months for cycling are from March to June and September to November when the temperatures are warm and pleasant for riding, without being too hot.

During spring and fall (autumn), daytime temperatures tend to be between 20°C (60°F) and 25°C (77°F), which we believe is pretty much perfect cycling weather!

We don't recommend going on this holiday in the middle of winter, because the first few days are at quite high altitude (above 1000m / 3300ft) and so sometimes get snow.

It is possible to do this tour in July and August, but you should bear in mind that it can get very hot. Daytime temperatures above 30°C (85°F) are common.

Can I extend the tour?

Yes, we would be happy to arrange any tour extensions for you. The most popular option is to spend extra nights in Valencia.

But we can also help you to extend the trip if you wish to visit Madrid, Barcelona, the Costa Blanca or any other destination in Spain.

Can I do this as a guided tour?

Yes. For more details, please check out our Guided version of this holiday.

Why book with us?

We are a small and independent company who are locally based, which offers several advantages:

- We have a lot personal experience of all of our tours, which have been refined over many years. We believe we are genuine experts in the regions where we run tours, and we are also close at hand to offer support and a personalized service.

- We are flexible and can tailor our itineraries to suit your requirements.

- We have low overheads. We don't spend money on advertising and don't use third party agents. We only sell our tours through this website.

By cutting out the middle man, you can be sure that more of what you pay is being spent on the important things: like hotels, equipment and other services.

- We are a registered and fully bonded tour operator in accordance with EU regulations.

What is your cancellation policy?

The full cancellation policy can be found in our terms and conditions.

Where can I find more information about the region?

We have plenty more detailed information on the website.

Check out our page on Valencia

And we also have some more indpeth articles looking at the fascinating history and culture of the regions of Valencia and Aragon:

Hotel Albarracín
Hotel Albarracin
A converted historic palace in the Medieval heart of Albarracín. This is just a short walk from the Alcazar and city walls and has comfortable rooms in a charming setting.
Gran Hotel Botanicos
Hotel Botanicos
In Teruel we stay in an excellent 4-star hotel in the historic center. It's within very easy walking distance of the UNESCO World Heritage mudejar towers, and it has large and uniquely styled rooms.
La Trufa Negra
La Trufa Negra Hotel - Mora de Rubielos
In Mora de Rubielos we stay in a delightful 4-star spa hotel situated near to the imposing castle.

The hotel is also the best restaurant in the town, offering a gourmet tasting menu which specializes in the local black truffles. The name of the hotel itself literally translates as The Black Truffle!
Hotel Rosaleda de Mijares
Hotel Rosaleda - Montanejos
In Montanejos we stay in a small, charming 3-star boutique hotel situated in a prime location overlooking the Mijares river. It is just a short walk from the town's main attraction: its thermal springs.
Hotel Spa Martin el Humano
Hotel Martin el Humano - Segorbe
In Segorbe, we stay in a beautiful 4-star spa hotel that is situated in a restored 18th century convent. It is set around a large courtyard and has spa facitlies. It is located in the historic center, next to the narrow streets of the Jewish quarter and the castle.
Hotel Vincci
Hotel Vincci
In Valencia we stay in an excellent 4-star hotel situated in the heart of the old town. It is beautifully decorated and is less than a five minute walk to the cathedral and La Lonja - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
To find out more about how we select our hotels, please see our accommodation page.

Starting Date Price (per person)¹ Single Supplement Bike Hire
March - November €1220 EUR €540 EUR Included
¹Price is based on two people sharing a double or twin room. If you would prefer to stay in a single room, the single supplement is applicable.

To reserve a place on the tour, click the button above and complete the reservation form. We will then get back to you within 24 hours to confirm the reservation, and to arrange for payment of the deposit.

For more details on the booking process, please check out our Reservations page.

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