Tour Level Guide

All of our holidays are given a rating based on their difficulty. This is displayed as a graphic next to them throughout the website, and is designed to just give you a quick snapshot of the tour level.

The tours range from green ('easy') up to red ('hard'). Many tours fall in between these levels, or span different levels depending on whether you choose to ride the longer or shorter routes. And so most tours have more than one color displayed.

Below you can find a rough summary of what each level represents. Although, for more specific information about each holiday, check the Info tab on the respective tour itinerary.

Difficulty Easy - Easy

The rides on these holidays are of a relatively low daily distance - usually between 20 and 40km (12-24 miles).

The routes are mostly flat or gently undulating, and tend to follow narrow country lanes through valleys, or a picturesque coastline. There may be some short climbs, but nothing too exerting.

These tours are designed for cyclists who like to do some leisurely riding in nice scenery. As well as those who like to spend time off the bike exploring villages, visiting historic sites or relaxing at the hotel. These tours are also ideal for a first cycling holiday or for those with little cycling experience.

These routes can typically be done on hybrids (trekking bikes, road bikes or e-bikes - whichever you find most comfortable.

Difficulty Medium - Medium

Our 'medium' rated tours are designed for cyclists that like to do slightly longer rides at a mostly leisurely pace.

The daily distance is commonly around 35-60km (22-40 miles). The routes have flat and rolling sections, and there may be one or two days with more significant climbing sections (which will be detailed on the respective itinerary).

These are slightly more physically demanding than our 'easy' rated routes, but are still designed for riders of all levels. You do not need to have done a lot of training or be an experienced rider to fully enjoy these routes.

These routes can typically be done on hybrids (trekking bikes, road bikes or e-bikes - whichever you find most comfortable.

Difficulty Challenging - Challenging

Tours of this level are more challenging. They are generally in mountainous or hilly terrain, and require some preparation rides before the tour.

Daily distances vary, with flatter routes reaching 100km (60 miles), while more hilly routes of this level tend to be around 60-70km (37 - 44 miles). The climbs can have long or steep sections, but there is not usually multiple long climbs on the same ride. These routes are generally aimed at riders who enjoy riding in the mountains.

The relatively short minimum distances mean that you certainly don't have to be a strong club cyclist to get the most out of the trip; but you should be prepared to spend several hours in the saddle each day.

Most riders on these routes favour a road bike, but they can also be ridden on an e-bike or a hybrid, if you prefer.

Difficulty Hard - Hard

These routes are typically hard rides in high mountains, such as the Pyrenees or Asturias. They are designed for experienced cycle tourists and riders who like challenges and want to test themselves on some of the greatest climbs in cycling.

Daily distances can be over 100km (62 miles) and the rides average over 2,000m (6,600ft) of elevation. As with all our tours, there are plenty of extensions if you would like more punishment!

These tours are designed for cyclists that love climbing the highest and more challenging mountains, and who wish for the cycling to be the main focus of the holiday.

Due to the distances and elevation, these routes are ridden only on road bikes.

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