Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between guided and self guided tours?

Our self-guided tours include accommodation, luggage transfers, airport transfers, bike hire (if required), route information and support in the case of problems.

Our guided tours include all of the above, but are also fully supported with two guides, a vehicle following the group and include various meals and snacks.

Are all of your tours multi-centred?

Yes, all of our tours are multi-centred. Many of them go from hotel to hotel each day; however, on some tours you will stay in the some hotel for two nights, if we feel the accommodation is good and that there is more than one excellent route in the area.

How difficult are your tours?

Our tours are desgined for a range of abilites. We have given each tour an overall rating from easy to hard, which is explained here. However, you will find more specific information on the description page for each tour.

We generally aim to keep the distances fairly low on our tours, but offer optional extensions each day for cyclists that wish to cycle further, or do more climbing.

What accommodation do you use?

We use a combination of hotels, country houses and other boutique accommodation.

You can also find details of the hotels that we use on the page for each tour.

What type of bikes do you provide on the tours?

We can provide both road bikes and hybrid bikes. We recommend road bikes for longer distances and where there is more climbing, while the upright position of hybrid bikes can be more comfortable on our shorter tours.

All of the road bikes that we provide are full carbon and are fitted with compact chainsets.

Please see our bicycles page for more details of the models that we offer.

Do your tours go on busy roads?

No, we avoid main roads wherever possible. Outside from the cities, Spain has a low traffic density but a vast road network, so, with knowledge of the area, it is possible to find routes with good road surfaces but very few cars.

At times there are short transition sections on slightly busier roads, but these are kept to a minimum.

In the larger cities we use cycle routes and off-road cycling lanes, to make arriving at the hotel an enjoyable experience.

What do I need to bring on the tour?

This is quite a broad topic and varies greatly from individual to individual. As a minimum we recommend that you bring the following in addition to what you would normally take on a holiday:

Cycling clothing (shorts, t-shirt, gloves, rain-jacket, cycling shoes)
Sun protection (sunglasses, hat, sun-cream)
Travel Documents (Passport, health & travel insurance, information pack)
Money (Spain and France both use the Euro)

If you are bringing your own bike, you will also need to bring a helmet, tools to repair a puncture, a multi-tool and appropriate pedals. If you hire a bike from us, all of this will be included.

What will happen if I don't feel like cycling one day?

On our guided tours this is no problem at all, you can either jump in the support vehicle and follow the group, or can stay longer in the hotel/town and get transferred later in the day.

On our self-guided tours we can also transfer you in the morning with the luggage to the next hotel. However, the sooner you can let us know the better, as we may have to adjust our routes accordingly and attach an additional rack to carry your bike.

What are the groups like on the guided tours?

The groups on our guided tours are normally between 8 and 10 people. We have cyclists from a variety of ages from 18 up to 70+. We find that cyclists within the group tend to get on very well with each other, obviously helped by the large mutual interest in cycling.

All of our guided tours are run exclusively in english, so there is no difficulty in members of the group communicating with each other.

Can non-cyclists go on your tours?

Absolutely! Non-cyclists are more than welcome on all of our guided tours. As a non-cyclist you have the option to either follow the group on the road in our support vehicle - joining in all the coffee stops and admiring the scenery. Or you can spend more time in the town where you were staying and we will collect you at the end of the day.

On our self-guided tours non-cyclists are also welcome. On these tours you will be transferred from hotel to hotel in the morning, along with your bags.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, with a caveat. In Spain it is compulsory to wear a helmet on any routes outside urban areas; however, it is not necessary if you are going 'up steep hills', in 'very hot weather' or if you are professional cyclist. Because these exceptions are so ambiguous, it is very rarely enforced; even though from a legal point of view you should normally be wearing one.

There are currently discussions in the Spanish parliament to clarify this law.

In France (for our tours to the Pyrenees) it is not necessary by law to wear a helmet, but is strongly recommended.

In any event, many travel insurance policies will require the use of a helmet while cycling.

How can I book a tour?

To book a place on a tour, please go to our reservations page and complete the reservation form for the tour that you are interested in.

If you would like to make any changes to the tour (extensions, arrival point, accommodation etc..) please contact us and we can discuss the options with you.

How do I pay for the tour?

Once you have completed the reservation form we require a deposit of €150 EUR to confirm the reservation. We require this amount to secure the accommodation with the hotels. The balance of payment is due six weeks before the start of the holiday.

Please visit out our Make a Booking page for more details.

What kind of travel insurance do I need?

It is a requirement that you have appropriate travel insurance to book with us.

Please visit our travel insurance page for more details.

What is your cancellation policy and the terms of booking?

Our cancellation policy and terms of booking can be found in detail on our terms & conditions page.

Why do all of the tours not run year-round?

Most of our tours are not available year-round because of the weather. In the Pyrenees or Picos de Europa, for example, most mountains roads are closed from December to April.

By contrast, in Andalucia and Murcia the summers can be very hot and so we don't run tours at this time.

In the description for each tour you can find more details about the recommended time to go.

Can I personalize the tour?

Our self-guided tours can be personalized. Whether you wish to change the length of the tour, the difficulty of the routes, the arrival point, the standard of accommodation or much more, we can shape the tour to your wishes.

Our guided tours have slightly less flexibility in terms of the accommodation and cycling routes; however, you can change the arrival point or add extensions at the beginning or the end of the holiday.

You can find more information regarding personalising the tours here.

Do you run private guided tours?

Yes, we can organise private guided tours for groups of six or more people (cyclists or non-cyclists). These can be personalised if you would like to change aspects of our existing tours.

Can you recommend a tour for me?

We would be delighted to. Please contact us and let us know roughly how far you wish to cycle each day and what kind of things you look for most on a cycling holiday (e.g. historic sites, beaches, mountains, beautiful scenery etc...) and we would be happy to give you our recommendation.

Do you rent bikes independently of your tours?

No, we only have a limited number of bikes, and we use this exclusively on our holidays.

Click here to check out all of the cycling holidays that we offer. Or view our tour calendar to see our upcoming guided tours.