Our Bicycles

Carbon Road Bikes - 11 Speed

Cube Road Bike

On our guided cycling holidays we offer two different kinds of road bike, depending on whether you prefer to ride with disc brakes or rim brakes.

Our lightweight Rose and Canyon carbon road bikes are a rim brake option. These bikes weight around 7kg (15lb) and have excellent stiffness, enabling great power transfer through the pedals. They have a relaxed gemoetry making them comfortable for long rides, but also handle extremely well.

We also offer Cube Attain GTC* full carbon bikes equipped with disc brakes. These are slightly heavier, but are a good option if you are less confident on descents and prefer the extra stopping power of discs.

All of our road bikes are equipped with a compact chainset, a large cassette and aluminium climbing wheels.


  • Rose Pro, Canyon Endurace and Cube Attain* - full carbon frame and fork
  • 11 Speed Shimano groupset (105 or Ultegra)
  • 50x34 chainset
  • 11-32 cassette
  • Shimano 105 / Ultegra Brakes (rim or disc depending on model)

The bikes are also fitted with two water bottle cages and a small saddle bag containing a spare inner tube, tyre levers and a multi-tool. Pedals (Shimano SPD, SPD-SL or Platform), helmets and handlebar bags are also included if you would prefer to not bring your own.

For the bikes used on our self-guided cycling holidays, please consult the respective Tour Itinerary. The road bikes on these tours are typicaly full carbon, with Shimano Ultegra or 105 drivetrain, lightweight wheels and disc brakes. The exact model depends on availability, so please contact us if you would like more information.

*These may be replaced by very similar models at times.

Lightweight Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bike

Our custom built hybrid bikes are a great choice for cycle touring. They are very light and have a fairly upright position, making them excellent for admiring the scenery. They are fully equipped with disc brakes and low gearing, and also have adjustable stems so that you can raise the handlebars if necessary.

Our hybrid bikes are available in two models - with a cross bar, and step through. Please take a look at the photos to see the differences between the models. And if you have a strong preference for one, make a note of it on the tour reservation form.

The wheels are fast rolling, but the tyres also have excellent grip for light gravel sections, such as those found on some long-distance cycle paths. These bikes are used on all of our guided cycling holidays. On self guided tours the models can vary, but are a similar style of hybrid bike.


  • Radon Aluminium Frame
  • 10 Speed Shimano Deore Groupset
  • Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 22-32-42 triple chainset
  • 11-36 tooth cassette
  • Fulcrum 7 Wheels
  • Total Weight: 9kg (20lb)

The bikes are also fitted with a water bottle cage and a small saddle bag containing a spare inner tube, tyre levers and a multi-tool. Pedals, helmets and handlebar bags are also included if you would prefer to not bring your own.

Electric Bicycle

Electric Bike

Electric bikes are the next big thing in cycle touring. They allow riders to confidently tackle more challenging, longer and more interesting routes without the worries of health or fitness concerns. We have several electric bikes available for use on our cycling holidays.

All of the bikes have multiple gearing and also multiple assist settings, so that you can choose the amount of power that the motor assists you with at any point during the ride. The range is up to 100km (depending on power usage and terrain), and they offer an option for riders who would like to tackle a more challenging route, but with added insurance in case they struggle on climbs.

The exact model and specifications of the bike depends on the tour that you will be doing; please contact us for more information.

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