Tenerife Cycling Holiday
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Self-Guided Cycling Holiday

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The Best of Tenerife
Self-Guided Cycling Tour
Length: 7 Days
Level: Difficulty Medium - Challenge
Price: from €1,390
This self-guided cycling holiday explores the beautiful Atlantic island of Tenerife. Over six nights you cross the entire island, riding the best routes on the island.

Ride through the Teide National Park, getting up close with the impressive 3,700m (12,100ft) high volcano that dominates the island. Discover the stunning hidden village of Masca - so remote that pirates used to hide their treasure there to evade the authorities! And enjoy the charms of the UNESCO World Heritage listed city of La Laguna.

Tenerife is a fantastic island for cycling year round thanks to its sub-tropical climate, excellent roads and incredible coastal and mountain scenery. On this holiday you will also discover its fascinating culture and unique gastronomy as you stay in charmingly authentic towns, a world away from the coastal resorts.

Each day there are different route options, making the tour accessible to a wide range of riders. Below you can find a detailed itinerary. Click on the tabs to see more highlights, as well as all the practical information about the holiday.
Tenerife Cycling Map
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Day 1 - Arrival - Santiago del Teide

We will pick you up from either of Tenerife airport and transfer you to a beautiful historic hotel in the village of Santiago del Teide.

Situated at reasonably high altitude in the north-west of the island, Santiago del Teide is ideally located for exploring some of the best routes on the island by bike. And, depending on your arrival time, there is the possibility to do a short ride along the spectacular road to Masca.
View Over Tenerife's Northern Coast
View Over Tenerife's Northern Coast

Day 2 - Mirador de Masca & Punta de Teno

The first full day in the saddle begins with a spectacular descent down towards Tenerife's northern coast. The winding road has several fun hairpin bends all the way down to the charming town of Garachico, whose old town square makes for a nice coffee stop.

From here you climb up towards the fairytale village of Masca, surrounded by towering green peaks and dramatic valleys. It is a fantastic climb through beautiful remote scenery. In fact, Masca is so remote that the village was first constructed in the 16th century by pirates. They used it as a place to store their wealth – safe in the knowledge that the Spanish Armada would not be able to find them there!

On the ride you will also head out to the Punta de Teno peninsula. This picturesque coastal road is gently rolling, rather than hilly, and is also closed to motor vehicles for most of the day. It's one of our favourite parts of the island for its views and tranquility.

Cycle Routes:

Shorter Route: 55km (1,400m Elevation)

Longer Route: 75km (2,050m)
The 'Hidden Village' of Masca
The 'Hidden Village' of Masca

Day 3 - El Teide

The ride today heads into the Teide National Park - the most iconic part of Tenerife. It begins with a descent along a nice balcony road, but you soon begin the long climb up towards El Teide.

Standing at over 3700m (12,100ft) high, Teide is the third tallest volcano in the world, and it absolutely dominates the island. You ride through striking volcanic landscapes as you climb into the National Park. It is a long ascent, but the gradients are quite gentle and steady, averaging around 5-6%, which enables you to get into a rhythm and spin along.

You may be relieved to know that the road doesn't go all the way to the crater of the volcano. It tops out close to our hotel at 2,100m (6,900ft). Here you stay for two nights in the beautiful Parador hotel, amidst the breathtaking scenery.

On the longer route you descend along a quiet road to the village of Playa San Juan and then climb Teide all the way up from the coast. At nearly 50km in length, this is one for riders with strong legs!

Cycle Routes:

Shorter Route: 44km (1,540m)

Longer Route: 64km (2,300m)
Road to Teide
Mount Teide dwarfing the road

Day 4 - Teide National Park

There are several different options for today, depending on how your legs feel. The cycling routes explore more of the Teide National Park. You can cycle around the edge of the giant volcanic crater, along roads which are mostly gently rolling rather than serious climbing.

Another great option is to take the cable car up to the top of Teide and do a high altitude hike around the crater. From here the views are incredible - you can not only see all of Tenerife, but all of the other Canary Islands, with views stretching for over 200km (120 miles) in all directions.

Finally, you can also have a rest day, and relax in the beautiful grounds and facilities of the Parador hotel.

Cycle Routes:

Shorter Route: 40km (800m)

Longer Route: 79km (1,500m)
Mount Teide National Park
Mount Teide National Park

Day 5 - Guimar Balcony Road

The rides today are the longest of the holiday, but they are not the most challenging, as a lot of the day is spent riding downhill! The day begins by descending out of the Teide National Park and heading to the charming town of Vilaflor.

The route continues past the so-called 'Colored Mountain' - known for the contrast between its bright red soils and the cactus and fir trees that line its slopes. Towards the lower part of the descent, you join a winding balcony road that heads along the south-eastern part of the island.

This serpentine road has impressive views of the coast throughout and is so much fun to ride, with its very gentle gradients and its sweeping bends.

The day finishes in Guimar, where you stay in a traditional Tenerife style finca on the edge of the small town. In Guimar you can also visit the curious, large stone pyramids that overlook the town, and whose origins are disputed.

Cycle Routes:

Shorter Route: 86km (950m)

Longer Route: 101km (1,600m)
Winding Balcony Road
Winding Balcony Road

Day 6 - Anaga Natural Park & La Laguna

The final day in the saddle is another spectacular one. Again there are several route options, depending on how your legs feel. The shorter route heads into the Lagunetas Natural Park - an extension of Teide, on a ride that has a really nice mix of coastal and mountain scenery.

The other two routes first head into Santa Cruz. Here you can stop for a coffee in the lively Plaza España and can see the internationally renowned opera house.

The ride continues along the coast on a cycle route, passing Playa de las Teresitas (the favoured beach of the locals) before heading into the Anaga Natural Park. Situated in the far north-east of Tenerife, this is another stunning remote corner of the island.

The lush green landscapes are reminiscent of a tropical rainforest; the winding road offers superb views that are very different to elsewhere on the island.

The day ends in the UNESCO World Heritage listed city of La Laguna. This is the oldest city in Tenerife and the former capital, having been founded in the early 16th century, soon after the Spanish conquest of the island. It was previously an important city under the native Guanche people. It played a key role in the age of exploration: with one of its citizens going on to found the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil.

Here you stay in a beautiful 4-star spa hotel, housed in a 16th century mansion, in the heart of the old town.

Cycle Route:

Shorter Route: 35km (950m)

Medium Route: 72km (1,560m)

Longer Route: 92km (2,350m)
View from Anaga Natural Park
View from the Anaga Natural Park

Day 7 - Departure / Extensions

After breakfast the tour comes to an end in La Laguna. We wil transfer you to either of Tenerife's airports in time for your onward journey.

If you would like to extend your holiday in this beautiful part of the world we would also be happy to arrange this for you.

Popular options include staying on the coast, either in the city of Santa Cruz, or one of the smaller resorts dotted around the island.

To find out more information about this holiday; including practical information, prices, dates and more tour highlights; return to the top of the page and click on the various tabs.

Santa Cruz Beach
Playa de las Teresitas (Santa Cruz)

This cycling holiday explores the best cycling routes in Tenerife, and is one of absolute favourite tours in terms of natural scenery and spectacular views. Every ride offers something different, as you discover every corner of the island, whilst staying in authentic towns and hotels, a world away from the busy coastal resorts.

Check out just a few of the tour highlights in the photo album below:

  • Six Nights Accommodation (see the Hotels section for more details)
  • Continental breakfast each day
  • Transfers to and from the arrival and departure points (see below for details)
  • Luggage transferred between hotels
  • GPS routes and mobile app to easily follow the routes
  • Detailed information pack about the routes, restaurants and everything to see along the rides
Not Included:
  • ❌ Bicycle Hire (Optional extra €200 - see below)
  • Flights
  • Tour Extensions
  • Travel Insurance

Bicycle hire is an optional extra for this tour, as we know that some of you may prefer to bring your own. If you would like to rent one from us, we can provide carbon road bikes, hybrids (trekking bikes) and e-bikes.

If you plan to do the longer rides, we recommend our lightweight carbon road bikes. They have disc brakes, compact chainsets (50-34 teeth) and large cassettes (11-32 or 11-34 teeth) and are optimized for climbing and for being comfortable for long hours in the saddle.

For the shorter routes, hybrids and e-bikes are also a good option - especially if you are more used to riding them at home. In particular we recommend e-bikes if you like the look of the holiday, but are worried about the amount of climbing.

Having the reassurance of the e-bike may help to make the holiday even more stress-free. And you can always switch the motor off if you don't need it! We can provide either road e-bikes or hybrid e-bikes on this tour.

All of our bikes come with helmets and handlebar bags if required. The exact model depends on availability, so please get in touch if you would like more information.
Our Road Bicycle Our lightweight road bikes

Difficulty Level & Roads
Tenerife is a mountainous island; it's basically one big volcano. But we have designed routes that are flexible and so the holiday is suitable for riders of a wide range of abilities.

It is rated as Medium-Challenging if you ride the shorter routes, and Challenging-Hard if you ride the longer routes. This is due to the amount of climbing involved rather than the distances.

Most of the climbs, particularly Teide itself, are quite gentle gradients; around 5-6%, where you can spin comfortably. But there are a few steeper sections on other rides, particularly on the longer routes.

As we mentioned above, if you like the look of the tour, but are concerned by the amount of climbing, then we recommend trying out an e-bike. Or if you would like a more leisurely tour, you may be interested in our Cabo de Gata Cycling Holiday, which also has a great climate for riding in winter.

The routes are all on paved roads and the surfaces are generally in excellent condition. The traffic tends to be very light on the routes we have chosen, and the drivers here are very respectful towards cyclists.

Find out more about our tour difficulty levels here.

Arrival and Departure
The arrival and departure points are anywhere on Tenerife. For most of you this will be one of the two airports - which both have a wide range of international flights. They are less than an hour drive apart, so it doesn't really matter which one you fly in and out of - whichever has the most suitable flights.

Transfers are included at the start and end of the holiday. We also transfer your luggage each day that you move hotels.

If you have trouble finding flights to Tenerifes airports, please contact us, and we can try to assist.
Tenerife Arrivals and Departure Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse through some of the frequently asked questions about this cycling tour. If you have any further questions, or would like any more information, please contact us and we will answer by email.

Should I do the longer or shorter routes?

This depends entirely on you! The longer and shorter routes all start and finish at the same place, and so you can decide on any given day which you would prefer to do. There is no need to commit until the day of the ride itself.

On the longer routes you see more and are able to visit more places, while the shorter routes are more relaxing and ideal if you like to take your time and go at a slower pace.

When can I do this tour?

This tour is available starting on any day throughout the year. It is particularly popular in winter and spring due to the warm climate, but it is also a great choice in summer.

What is the weather like?

Tenerife has a sub-tropical climate, meaning there is little variation in the weather throughout the year. Average daytime temperatures in winter range from 16°C (61°F) to 23°C (73°F), depending on altitude, making it a great choice for a winter cycling holiday.

But the weather is also great in summer, where it doesn't tend to get as hot as in mainland Spain. Average daytime temperatures in summer are around 27°C (80°F). There is also little rain throughout the year.

The one slight exception to this are the two nights spent at the Parador Hotel, high up on Teide mountain. The hotel is at an altitude of 2,200m (7,200ft) and so it can be a few degrees cooler, and is certainly worth bringing some warmer clothes with you just in case. If you plan to hike or take the cable car to the top of Teide, bear in mind that this is 3,700m (12,100ft) above sea level, and so can be cold at any time of the year.

Can I personalise or change aspects of this tour?

Absolutely! We have designed a tour that we feel strikes a great balance between cycling routes, accommodation and interesting towns. However, if, for example, you would like to do the tour for a different number of days, stay in a different level of accommodation, or extend the route to a different location, we would be happy to discuss the options with you.

Why does this tour not stay on the coast?

The simple reason is that we believe the better cycling routes and more interesting regions are generally away from the coast, which tends to be dominated by more resort type towns.

When staying on the coast you have to begin most days by riding up 500-1000m of elevation, often on quite busy roads, just to get to the more scenic parts. We think its best to avoid that and stay in authentic towns more inland.

Several routes do visit the coast, but only in the more remote areas such as the Anaga and Masca Natural Park.

If you would like to stay on on the coast (for example in the charming town of Garachico or Alcalá, we can certainly change the itinerary, but please bear in mind that it will add a considerable amount of climbing to the rides.

What is your cancellation policy?

The full cancellation policy can be found in out terms and conditions.

Why book with us?

We are a small and independent company who are locally based, which offers several advantages:

- We have a lot personal experience of all of our tours, which have been refined over many years. We believe we are genuine experts in the regions where we run tours, and we are also close at hand to offer support and a personalized service.

- We are flexible and can tailor our itineraries to suit your requirements.

- We have low overheads. We don't spend money on advertising and don't use third party agents. We only sell our tours through this website.

By cutting out the middle man, you can be sure that more of what you pay is being spent on the important things: like hotels, equipment and other services.

- We are a registered and fully bonded tour operator in accordance with EU regulations.

La Casona del Patio
Casona del Patio
You spend two nights in this beautiful 4-star hotel housed in a historic building complex dating from the 17th century. It is a really charming place to relax amidst spectacular scenery, and is just a short walk from the restaurants and bars of Santiago del Teide.
Parador de las Cañadas del Teide
Parador Teide
You stay two nights at this stunning boutique hotel, situated high up on the Teide mountain. This Parador hotel is in an incredible setting and is a traditional mountain style lodge, with luxurious rooms. Here you can relax in the gardens or the swimming pool, or can star-gaze through one of the hotel's high powered telescopes. The hotel also has one of the best restaurants on the island, specializing in local Canarian dishes.
Rural Finca Salamanca
Hotel Rural Finca Salamanca
This boutique 3-star hotel is housed in a charming rural finca on the edge of the town of Guimar. It has large and comfortable rooms and is surrounded by beautiful gardens, set around its swimming pool. It is also just a short walk from the center of Guimar, which has several good restaurants and tapas bars.
Hotel Spa Laguna Nivaria
Hotel Laguna Nivaria
On the final night you stay in the best hotel in La Laguna, a beautiful 4-star spa hotel situated on the edge of the historic main square. Housed in a 16th century mansion, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage listed old town of La Laguna. It is ideal whether you want to explore the town, or simply relax in the hotel's fine spa facilities.
To find out more about how we select our hotels, please see our accommodation page.

Starting Date Price (per person)¹ Single Supplement Bike Hire
Year Round €1,390 EUR €500 EUR €200

¹Price is based on two people sharing a double or twin room. If you would prefer to stay in a single room, the single supplement is applicable.

To reserve a place on the tour, click the button above and complete the reservation form. We will then get back to you within 24 hours to confirm the reservation, and to arrange for payment of the deposit.

For more details on the booking process, please check out our Reservations page.

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