Accommodation on our Holidays

The accommodation is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any holiday. All of the various hotels, country houses, mountain lodges and haciendas used on our holidays are hand selected, and are places which we feel really add to the experience and enjoyment of our cycling holidays.

We list the hotels used on the itinerary of each cycling holiday, and this page aims to give you a general overview of how we choose the hotels. We will also briefly summarize the different types of accommodation that you will find listed on our tour itineraries.

We take into account factors such as location, comfort, facilities, the history of the building, and how representative it is of the character of a region. Below are just a few of the factors that we consider.


The location of the accommodation is important and varies by the type of tour. On our tours that include nights in larger cities (for example, Seville, Granada or Valencia), we use hotels that are in the heart of the historic centre, within comfortable walking distance of the main sights.

On our tours in coastal towns, we use hotels close to the beach and the main promenade, where most of the shops and restaurants are situated.

By contrast, the hotels that we use in national parks and rural areas are tranquil and are picked for their beautiful scenery and natural setting.

Character & History

We believe that a cycling tour is a unique kind of holiday that allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of a region much more than a typical holiday. You are almost at one with the nature, and are free to explore and discover places that most tourists will never see.

We want the accommodation to add to the cultural experience on the trip, rather than just being somewhere to sleep. Most of the accommodation we choose are small hotels and country cottages that are typical to each individual region. These can range from cortijos in Andalucia, villas in Valencia or casas rurales in the Basque Country.

Many of the hotels we use are situated in fine historic buildings; including castles, monasteries, vineyards and converted palaces. These add an extra element to the holiday and provide a truly unique place to stay.


We always look for hotels with good facilities for cyclists. Due to the nature of a cycling holiday these may be different to the kind of thing you would normally look for in a hotel on a business trip.

For example, a state of the art fitness centre is not so important after a day in the saddle; however, a big breakfast with lots of choice is very much wanted! Many of the hotels we choose also have spa facilities and swimming pools, allowing you to relax in comfort at the end of the day.

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