About Us

Our guides We are a small, family run company with a a huge passion for cycling. We have been on, organised and led many cycle tours; and wish to use our knowledge and experience to offer original, unforgettable and enjoyable cycling holidays.

We run holidays only in Spain and the French Pyrenees, allowing us to specialise and gain an intimate knowledge of the culture and landscape of each region.

Our small size is our greatest advantage, as it allows us to treat every cyclists that comes on our tours as an individual. All of our routes can be personalised, so that, for example, you can stay longer, cycle further or get transferred from a different location.

Our size also allows us to keep the cost of the holidays down. We have relatively low overheads and we need to do very little advertising. Because of this, more of the money that you pay for the holiday is spent on the accommodation, transfers, restaurants and route support than it would be from a larger company.


Our guides Cycle Fiesta was established by Ian and Lucia several years ago; a couple with a mutual passion for cycling.

The aim was to put together unique cycling tours using our experience of cycling in Spain, but also to make them flexible - recognising the individual wishes of each cyclist.

Each year we add new tours, based on many days and months of research both on and off the road, and we now offer tours in almost every corner of Spain, as well as the bordering regions of France and Italy.

Official Status

We are registered with the Tourism Board of the Valencia Government. This guarantees that we are fully bonded and hold civil repsonsibility and accident assitance insurance and comply with all European Union regulations for Travel Agents and Tour Operators.

Therefore, you can book with us safe in the knowledge that your holiday is secure and in line with all European Union regulations.

Cycling in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular destinations for cycling holidays in the world, and with good reason.


The Weather

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Spain is the climate. The mild winters in Mallorca, Tenerife and Alicante are good enough to attract professional cyclists in their off-season training. While in summer, the north of Spain - from the Camino de Santiago to the Pyrenees - is sunny and warm, but not too hot to make cycling uncomfortable.

The Roads

The terrain in Spain is also excellent for cycling. It is the second most mountainous country in Europe (behind only Switzerland), yet there are also beautiful valleys and flat sections which offers something for everyone.

In addition, the roads are generally in excellent condition (even in the highest mountain areas), and there is much less traffic than in most European countries.

Natural Scenery & History

Spectacular Scenery in Spain The natural scenery is incredible throughout Spain. From the vast National Parks, to the varied coastline and the green valleys in the north, Spain is a land of beuatiful contrasts.

It is also full of fantastic historic monuments. Spanish architecture and culture has been heavily influenced by the Roman Empire, Muslim Spain and the Conquistadors, resulting in a great variety of beautiful buildings and traditions throughout the country.

Food & Wine

Last, but certainly not least for hungry cyclists, Spain has a great culinary tradition. The Basque Country is the heart of gastronomy in Spain, but all regions have their own unique dishes that add to the experience of cycling in this country.

It is also a great place for wine lovers, with some of the most famous wine in the world produced in Spain. We host a cheese and wine evening on all of our guided tours, sampling fine vintages including Rioja, Cava, Sherry and Ribera del Duero.

Our Cycling Tours

We have used our experience and love of cycling to design and deliver a fantastic holiday experience based on the Cycle Fiesta formula:

All of our tour routes are uniquely designed by us (with the exception of the Camino de Santiago, which follows the traditional route). We have cycled them at least three or four times in a variety of weather conditions, and trying different options in the area to decide which is the best route.

The key factors that we aim for when designing the routes are:
  • Appropriate distance and climbing for each tour
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Good weather for cycling
  • Interesting towns / villages
  • Roads with a good surface and low traffic
  • Good places to stop for lunch / coffee
  • Availability of high quality accommodation
  • Good accessiblity
  • Good value for our cyclists

Distances and Climbing

These are the two main factors that decide the difficulty level of each tour. We aim to organise tours for cyclists of all levels and, although there is a high degree of flexibility with the use of short-cuts and daily extensions, our difficulty rating gives a good indication of what to expect.


The Pyrenees Our cycling tours cross some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe. From Lagos de Covadonga in the Picos de Europa National Park, to the Alhambra Palace in Granada, our tours seek out the most spectacular parts of Spain.

Spain is full of natural parks, mountain ranges, green valleys, historic cities and beautiful coasts, and we look to combine various aspects in our holidays.


We believe that the best weather for cycling is sunny, between 20°C and 30°C and with little wind. Although it is obviously not possible to guarantee good weather - the recommended dates for each of our tours fit in or just outside this range.

Spain has an excellent year round climate for cycling. The south (Andalucia, Valencia, Alicante) and the islands (Mallorca, Tenerife), ideal for cycling all year apart from the height of summer.

The north (Camino de Santiago, Picos de Europa, Pyrenees, Basque Country), on the other hand, is ideal for cycling from May through to October., when the warm weather arrives and the rain leaves!

Interesting Towns

Italica, Andalucia Many of our cycling tours visit famous cities such as Seville, Valencia, San Sebastian or Granada. These are magnificant places and speak for themselves in terms of history and culture.

However, our tours also pass through many smaller towns that you have probably never heard of, but which are beautiful historic places. It is these towns and villages, as much as the iconic cities, that give you a real feel for Spain and the unique spanish way of life.


We specialise in road cycling tours and 99% of our routes are on high quality asphalt. We aim to use roads that carry little traffic. While this is easy in the mountain areas, it is more challenging around the cities, and we have spent many days planning and testing routes to enter and exit towns in the safest way possible.

On many of our routes you can go for over an hour without seeing a single car, a real advantage of the relatively low population density in much of Spain.

Most large Spanish cities have an excellent network of cycle lanes that run by the side of the road, so we fully utilise these to make cycling through even the largest city an enjoyable experience.

Food & Drink

Food and drink is an important part of any holiday, even more so when you have to replace all the calories burned while cycling!

Basque Pintxos On our guided tours all the meals are included and we visit a local restaurant for both lunch and dinner. There are options for vegetarians and requests can be made if you have any food intolerances.

Spain is a fantastic country for food and wine, with each region having a unique signature dish. You can look forward to a traditional paella in Valencia, fabada asturiana in the Picos de Europa, pintxos in the Basque Country, and pulpo a la gallega on the Camino de Santiago.

On our detailed route guides we provide recommendations on great places to stop for lunch or coffee, and also list some of the best local restaurants for dinner.


We recognise that there is little point in creating fantastic holidays if they are very difficult to get to! As such, we have aimed to make all of our tours begin and end close to a major airport, which we will transfer you to at the start and end of the tour.

We are lucky that Spain has some of the biggest airports in Europe dotted around the country (with the likes of Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Malaga, Palma, Bilbao, Tenerife all having many flights to various international destinations).

All of our starting and ending points (except the islands of Mallorca and Tenerife) also have high speed train connections to Madrid or Barcelona, which makes it easy if you are arriving from outside Europe.

If you would like any information about flights or trains for any of our tours, please contact us; we are aware of most operators in Spain, so should be able to assist you with your plans.


We choose our accommodation carefully on all of our cycling tours. It is a key factor in determining the routes, and on many tours we offer two options, to suit a variety of budgets.

Please visit our accommodation page for more details.


Potes, Spain We aim to keep the price of our tours as low as possible, and are constantly reviewing our prices. The difference in price between our holidays is largely due to the higher costs of accommodation in certain areas.

Also, we visit some areas (Camino de Santiago, Basque Country, Pyrenees) in the height of summer when prices are usually more expensive. Other areas, where we run tours primarily in winter, spring or autumn (Alicante, Valencia, Mallorca) are generally slightly cheaper.


Some of our tours are guided, while most are self-guided. Our guided tours are all inclusive (accommodation, meals, transfers, vehicle support etc...) and are run by Ian and Lucia - the founders of Cycle Fiesta.

There are several dates when we run the guided tours, and can also arrange a private guided tour for groups of over six people. Please contact us to discuss the options.

For more information please check out our guide to the differences between guided and self-guided cycling tours.


Finally, although a lot of factors have gone into what we believe are excellent tours, we recognise that you may wish to change part of the itinerary.

Please check our personalised tours page for a greater idea of how you may be able to customise the trip.

Responsible Tourism

Subbetica Natrual Park

We strongly believe in operating as an ethical company and take our responsibilities in this area very seriously.


We believe that our first responsibility is to the customers who use our products and services. In meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality.

All of our holidays are fully bonded so every customer booking with us will have financial protection for the cost of the holiday.

We believe it is our responsibility to strive to help every customer on our holidays to enjoy their own unique experience and takes away fascinating memories and stories that will last a lifetime.


We have a responsibility to the communities which our holidays visit. We fully respect the customs and traditions of all local communities and endeavour to support local businesses wherever is possible.

We will help to preserve the integrity of the local community by paying appropriate taxes and operating ethically. In addition we will promote and advertise the beautiful regions in which we operate to people from around the world.


We have a responsibiltiy to the environment. Our holidays travel to a wide variety of amazing natural and man-made scenery; we aim to leave them in exactly the same way that we found it.

As a company we operate an extensive recycling policy and are fully committed to continually looking to reduce the carbon footprint of Cycle Fiesta.

Employees and Suppliers

Our final responsibility is to our employees and suppliers. We will ensure that all employees enjoy their work. They must have a sense of security in their jobs and the opportunity to achieve fulfilment through their work.

We must recognise their merit and ensure that they are compensated generously for the quality of service that they provide.

We must be fair and consistent in our dealings with suppliers. We must pay them promptly to ensure they can concentrate on their respective activities, including providing us with an excellent service.