About Cycle Fiesta

We are a small company with a huge passion for cycling. We have been on, organised and led many cycle tours; and our aim is to use our knowledge and experience to offer amazing and unique cycling holidays.

We run holidays only in Spain and southern France, allowing us to specialize and gain an intimate knowledge of the fascinating culture and stunning landscapes of each region here.

Our small size is our greatest advantage, as it allows us to treat every cyclist that comes on our tours as an individual. All of our routes can be personalised, so that, for example, you can stay longer, cycle further or get transferred from a different location.

Our size also allows us to keep the cost of the holidays down. We have low overheads and we do no advertising. The only place we sell our tours is on this website.

Because of this, more of the money that you pay for the holiday goes towards things like accommodation, equipment, support and important service on the ground.


Cycle Fiesta History

Cycle Fiesta was established by Ian and Lucia well over a decade ago. Lucia had been working as an accountant, while Ian was a historian. Using these skills, along with our shared passion for cycling and travel, we believed that we could organize interesting and unique cycling holidays. And we have been running tours for many hundreds of contented cyclists ever since!

We have a huge passion for cycling and, even more so, for exploring the world from the vantage point of a bike! We believe that cycling holidays shouldn't be one-dimensional, but should be a really immersive experience, where you get a real feel for the culture and identity of the region you are visiting.

All of our guided tours are led personally by us, as we want to share our knowledge and experience directly with you, to ensure you have a great holiday!

With Happy Customers!

Official Status

We are registered as an official tour operator with the relevant department of tourism in Spain. This guarantees that we comply with all European regulations for travel agents and tour operators. Among the requirements are that we are fully bonded, and that we hold civil repsonsability and accident assistance insurance.

Therefore, you can book with us safe in the knowledge that your holiday is secure and in line with all the latest European Union regulations.

Responsible Tourism

As both a company and individuals we fully support and promote responsible tourism on several levels.


First and foremost, we believe that we have a huge responsability to the cyclists who decide to use our services. In meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality.

We believe it is our responsibility to strive to help every customer on our holidays to enjoy their own unique experience and takes away fascinating memories and stories that will last a lifetime.

We recognise that you have chosen to go with us out of several other companies, and wanted to repay your faith in that choice.

Local Communities

We also recognise our responsibility to the communities where our holidays visit. We fully respect the customs and traditions of all local communities, and expect that you will do the same when you visit them.

We also endeavour to support local businesses and act in a socially responsible way by always paying appropriate taxes and striving to act in an ethical manner.

We are proud to promote and advertise the beautiful regions where we run our tours across the world, and recognise that without them, our company would not exist.

Cycling in Jerica, Valencia


We have a responsabiltiy to the environment. Our holidays travel to a wide variety of amazing natural and man-made scenery; we aim to leave them in exactly the same way that we found it.

As a company we operate an extensive recycling policy and are fully committed to continually looking to reduce the carbon footprint of Cycle Fiesta.

As a company and as individuals, we always strive to be open and honest in what we are offering. We have endeavoured to provide a lot of information about our tours and destinations on the website, but inevitably we can't cover everything. So please don't hesitate to get in touch with us; we are always ready to help with questions or to act on suggestions that you may have.

To continue browsing the site, you may be interested in looking at our Cycling Holidays, or check out our calendar to see our upcoming guided tours.

For more general information about the regions where we operate, you can read our City Guides or in-depth articles.