Can Costa - Deia (Mallorca)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Deia 418 270 6.2 4.35 118 ***

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The gradient is inconsistent on Can Costa, but it is never especially steep. Most cyclists should have few problems with this climb. Alternative Routes It is possible to climb to Can Costa from Valldemossa, but it is less than 2km long and not very steep, so it can't really be classified as a climb itself.

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is excellent throughout the length of the climb. There is traffic on the road throughout the year, and in spring and autumn you will probably be passed by a car every two or three minutes. For the most part it is not bothersome, but in July and August it is significantly busier and can become a real nuissance.

Climb Description

Can Costa

This climb follows the Ma-10 road between Deia and Valdemossa. It begins just as you leave Deia heading south, and finishes next to the Can Costa cafe, a couple of kilometres before you reach Valldemossa.

The climb to Can Costa is really enjoyable, with great views of the coastline along much of the route. At either end of the climb are two of Mallorca's most iconic and historic villages - Deia and Valldemoss. Both are worth exloring, with the town square in Valldemossa an excellent place to stop for a coffee.

This would be a **** climb if there was slightly less traffic. However, it is still well worth doing and, if you go outside of the summer, the cars will not be a nuissance anyway. The climb to Can Costa is open throughout the year.

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You can climb Can Costa on our Mountains of Mallorca cycling holiday.