Sobremunt (Mallorca)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Son Cotoner 686 582 7.3 7.97 657 **

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Sobremunt is the hardest climb in Mallorca and the difficulty rating under-estimates how challenging the climb is. Unlike most of the climbs on the island, which are gentle in character, Sobremunt is steep and unforgiving.

A climb of this profile would be more at home in Asturias or the Basque Country and its slopes can catch by surprise riders that have become accustomed to the gradual ascents in Mallorca.

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is in good condition for approximately the first 4km, then deteriorates badly. The final 3.3km are in very poor condition, with a lot of pot-holes and loose rocks and gravel. This is particularly treacharous if you descend this way, but is still annoying on the ascent, especially as the poor surface is on the steep section, so traction can be a problem at times.

Traffic is almost non-existant throughout the climb.

Climb Description


Sobremunt is located in the southern part of the Tramuntana mountains, in the centre of a triangle formed by the villages of Esporles, Puigpunyent and Establiments. It begins from the Ma-1041, 1km after the junction with the Ma-1016 and is marked by a white sign.

The last two kilometres of the road are more difficult to follow, as you leave the main road turning left. There are some small signs which show the way, but if you miss them, just keep heading higher until you can climb no more.

The area around Sobremunt is very pleasant. This is one of the main wine and olive producing regions in Mallorca and the steep sided fields make it a picturesque route. The enjoyment of the climb, however, is reduced considerably by the poor road surface, which takes up much of your concentration.

Sobremunt is open year round. Snow is rare in this part of Mallorca even during the coldest winters.

Alternative Routes

It is possible to climb Sobremunt from the village of Esporles. This is a more gentle ascent (although the last 4km are still tough with numerous steep hairpins) and arguably has more picturesque scenery, especially as you pass the Es Verger vineyard.

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It is possible to climb Sobremunt as a route extension towards the end of our Mountains of Mallorca cycling holiday.