Coll de Sa Batalla (Mallorca)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Caimari 590 395 7.8 5.06 249 ****

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The Coll de sa Batalla is quite an easy climb. There are a couple of steeper sections near the start, but it is mostly at a gentle gradient which become easier the higher you climb.

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is in excellent condition for the entire length of the climb.

In winter, early spring and late autumn there is little traffic on the sa Batalla. In June and September it is more busy, but not enough to be really annoying. In July and August traffic can be more persistant, particularly in the middle of the day. In these months we would recommend starting early.

Climb Description

The Coll de sa Batalla is one of the gateways into the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains in the north of Mallorca. Although there is some gentle climbing before, the climb itself starts as you leave the village of Caimari, heading north on the Ma-2130 and finishes just before you reach the village of Lluc at the junction with the Ma-10.

The Coll de sa Batalla is one of the most popular cycling climbs in Mallorca. It is easy accessible from most locations in the north of the island and takes you into the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains.

It is a scenic route, with the lower slopes characterised by a series of hairpins, before the view opens up closer to the top. There is a lot of pine woodland alongside the climb, which provides pleasant shade for when the temperatures get high. At the top of the climb you can visit the village of Lluc, which is home to a large 13th century sanctuary.

Sa Batalla is open throughout the year. In July and August it can be uncomfortably hot, but the rest of the year it is a great climb which has the feel of something in the Alps or Pyrenees, though without the difficulty.

Alternative Route

There is no other route to climb sa Batalla, but there are plenty of other excellent climbs that you can join together to make a challenging route.

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You can climb Coll de sa Batalla on our Mountains of Mallorca cycling holiday.