Sa Calobra (Coll dels Reis) - Mallorca

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Sa Calobra 725 668 10.3 6.5 563 *****

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Sa Calobra is one of the toughest climbs in Mallorca, with a fairly high average gradient. It is quite consistent though, with very few sections above 10%. Compared with the larger climbs on the Spanish mainland it is fairly easy, but you will already have a climb in your legs before you begin it, so a decent level of fitness is required.

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is in excellent condition for the entire length of the climb. However, it is quite common for large rocks to have fallen on to the road, and it is narrow in places with a lot of hairpin bends, so caution is advised - particularly on the descent.

There can be a lot of traffic on the climb, depending on the time of year. In July and August there are so many cars and coaches that it is not enjoyable, unless you set off very early in the morning. The coaches are a particular problem on the bends, as they need the full width of the road and take them very slowly, forcing you to stop and wait for them.

In winter there is very little traffic and the climb is at its most enjoyable. In Spring and Autumn traffic is also fairly low in the mornings and evenings. However, try to avoid doing the climb between 11am and 3pm, particularly in June and September. The traffic in Spring and Autumn is nowhere near as bad as in summer though, and it is certainly not enough to take away from the spectacular nature of the climb.

Climb Description

Sa Calobra

The climb begins from the small port of Sa Calobra and follows the Ma-2141 to the top of the climb. The highest point of the climb - the Coll dels Reis - is 2.5km before the road joins the Ma-10 near Escorca. The entire climb takes place within the beautiful Tramuntana Mountains.

Sa Calobra is, without doubt, the most spectacular and impressive climb in Mallorca. The manner in which the road snakes down the sharp cliff face offeres fantastic views from all different angles.

The top of the climb is actually called the Coll dels Reis, but the climb is much more widely known by the small port from which it begins. Part of the challenge of Sa Calobra is that to climb it, you first have to descend it. And once you have descended it, the only way back out of the mountains is to do the climb, so it is important to be confident in your ability before free-wheeling down to Sa Calobra.

(Expensive) Water and refreshments can be found in the restaurants in Sa Calobra, but after that there is no opportunity to re-fill until you join the Ma-10 after the top of the climb.

Sa Calobra is usually open all year. It is occasionally closed after snow in winter, but this is rare and does not happen most years.

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Sa Calobra is a highlight on our Mountains of Mallorca cycling holiday.