Mirador de Masca (Tenerife)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Masca 1045 433 4.2 10.3 684 *****

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Mirador de Masca is a short and steep climb. The gradient is not extreme and it is possible to find some kind of a rhythm, but it is still quite a challenging ascent. The descent is also technical,; the narrow road, sharp corners and steep gradients mean that you should ride with caution.

Roads & Traffic

The road is mostly in good condition. There are some sections where the surface has been re-laid in patches which is slightly bumpy, but not really a problem. There is usually little traffic on the road; however, it is busier in the summer.

Climb Description

Mirador de Masca

The climb to Mirador de Masca begins in the village of Masca in the Teno Natural Park. It follows the TF-436 in the direction of Santiago del Teide. The Mirador, at the top of the climb, is situated about 1km before Santiago.

Mirador de Masca is only short, but is fully deserving of a ***** rating. The scenery is really spectacular throughout the climb, with beautiful views throughout the winding descent.

It shares some similarities with another one of Spain's great island climbs - Sa Calobra - but Mirador de Masca is, if anything, even more visually stunning.

Masca was a village originally founded by pirates as a place completely hidden within an inaccessible mountain range, which they used to hide their treasure. Even today, despite the recently paved road, Masca feels remote and like it is a different world to anywhere else on the island.

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Mirador de Masca is one of the highlights on our Tenerife cycling holiday. Please contact us if you would like more information.