El Teide (Los Gigantes)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Los Gigantes 2325 2322 51.8 4.5 1221 *****

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Depending on what kind of climber you are, this ascent of Teide can be either challenging or very difficult. It favours riders that can sustain a tempo pace for very long periods. The gradients are rarely steep - there are almost no significant sections over 9% - but the climb is so long that plenty of endurance is required.

The bulk of the climb is in the first 37km, which is almost entirely uphill with no respite (although there are some very gentle sections). After that it is more rolling before a final push in the last 5km.

For an experienced cyclist the climb from Los Gigantes is an unforgettable challenge and not too difficult - as long as you pace yourself!

Roads & Traffic

The road is generally in good condition. The surface is slightly broken in places, particularly on the TF-38. This is not really a problem climbing, but can make for a bumpy descent in places.

For the most part there is not much traffic. The few kilometres either side of Tamaimo are busier than the rest of the climb, but it is still not heavy. Overall this is probably the least busy ascent of Teide.

Climb Description

El Teide, Los Gigantes

This is one of several routes to El Teide, the huge volcano in the centre of Tenerife. It begins in the village of Los Gigantes, close to Puerto de Santiago on the west coast.

From Los Gigantes the climb begins immediately, with several hairpin bends leading to the town of Tamaimo. In Tamaimo you turn right onto the TF-82 and follow this until Chio where you turn onto the TF-38. This takes you into the heart of the Teide National Park, from where you turn onto the TF-21 to reach the top of the climb.

El Teide is the iconic climb in Tenerife and one of the most famous in Spain. The mountain is the highest in Spain at over 3,700m and, although the road does not go so high, it is still a hugely popular climb with cyclists.

In recent years many professional teams have chosen Tenerife as their winter cycling training base, because of the opportunities that El Teide offers for altitude training.

The climb is situated in the centre of the Teide National Park, one of the most beautiful locations in Spain and there are stunning views throughout as you begin on the coast and finish towards the top of this vast volcano.

The route from Los Gigantes is one of the lesser climbed sides, mainly because the starting point is not so accessible as those from other sides; however, the climb from here is every bit as enjoyable and specatcular as from the other sides.

Due to Tenerife's sub-tropical climate, El Teide is open throughout the year. This makes it one of very few places in Europe where you can ride climbs that rival the great Alpine ascents throughout winter.

Alternative Routes

El Teide - Medano
El Teide - Playa San Juan
El Teide - Puerto de la Cruz
El Teide - Santa Cruz

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Our Tenerife cycling holiday includes El Teide, as well as many other fantastic climbs on the island. Or please contact us if you would like more information.