Erjos (Garachico)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Garachico 1090 1080 20.1 5.4 645 ***

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Unlike many of the climbs in Tenerife, Erjos is quite steady and with relatively low gradients. It is similar to some of the easier climbs that you would encounter in the French Alps in terms of distance and gradient.

There are a couple of short, steeper sections near the start, but for the most part it is a climb where you can settle into a regular rhythm.

Roads & Traffic

The road is generally in very good condition. There are short sections where it is very slightly cracked, but it does not really any difficulty. There is some traffic throughout the climb. It is never particularly heavy, but there are also no sections where the road is completely empty.

Climb Description

Erjos, Garachico

The climb to Erjos begins on Tenerife's north coast, in the historic town of Garachico. From here you go west on the TF-42, before heading inland at Las Cruces onto the TF-421. At the end of the TF-421 you turn right onto the TF-82 and follow it through El Tanque. The top of the climb is situated a couple of kilometres after the village of Erjos.

Erjos is a pleasant climb, but the scenery is not as spectacular as on many of the other routes in Tenerife. The first few kilometres offer the best views, as you ascend up a series of hairpins which offer some fine views of the northern coastline.

As you head further inland, the scenery becomes more obscured by trees and rolling hills. It is still an enjoyable ride, but is a better to climb to include in a longer route, rather than to do by itself.

Alternative Routes

It is also possible to climb to Erjos from the south, from Santiago del Teide. This is a much shorter and easier ascent, at just 4.1km and with an average gradient of 4.6%

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