El Cordal (La Vega)

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
La Vega (Riosa) 798m 490m 7.9 km 6.2% 365 ****

El Cordal Cycling Profile

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Climb Description

This side of El Cordal is often overlooked by cyclists in the region. The climb starts from the same junction as Angliru, and so it is often rather overshadowed.

It is a pleasant climb and the more scenic of the two sides of the Cordal, with a few hairpins on the lower slopes before a series of gentle corners towards the top. There are no great views from the summit, but it is a good ride to join two valleys or to warm up on before tackling one of the giants in the area.

Take care on the descent if you continue on towards Pola de Lena. There are some sharp off-camber turns in the first 2km here at gradients well above 10%, which it is easy to go into carrying too much speed.

El Cordal is usually open throughout the year.

El Cordal (La Vega) -  Asturias Cycling Climb

The top of El Cordal has impressive views looking towards Angliru

Roads & Traffic

The road is fully paved and is in good condition and there is little traffic on the climb throughout the year.

Alternative Routes

El Cordal can also be climbed from the south side; starting in Pola de Lena. This is the tougher side and the one more commonly used in the Vuelta a España.

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Cycling Holidays

El Cordal is climbed on our Great Climbs of the Vuelta cycling holiday.

You can find out more information below about this and similar tours that we run in high mountains.

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