Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
La Vega (Riosa) 1,570 1,265m 12.6 km 10.1% 2,245 *****

Angliru Cycling Profile

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Climb Description

A full description of Angliru can be found here, but suffice to say that it is one of the worlds most infamous climbs with good reason.

Everyone knows about the super tough gradients on Angliru, but not so many are aware of how beautiful the climb is. From near the top you can see the northern coast, alongside the cities of Oviedo and Gijón, and the whole climb is covered in vibrant shades of green, with just the road cutting vertically through it all. To see more of the scenery on Angliru, check out our videos of some of the best climbs in Asturias.

Angliru is simply a challenge that every cyclist who loves to climb should try.

Angliru is open throughout the year.

Angliru (Oviedo) -  Asturias Cycling Climb

One of the many steep sections on the climb

Roads & Traffic

The road is generally in good condition and is fine for climbing; although it is quite narrow in places, so don't count on being able to zig-zag up the whole way!

There is very little traffic on the climb throughout the year. It is not unusual to climb Angliru without coming across a single car. Watch out for cows and horses though, which will often stand their ground, occasionally even forcing you to take the inside of an already very steep hairpin!

Angliru Plane View

At times the view is like looking out of a plane

Alternative Routes

The lower, easier part of Angliru can be reached by various different roads, although this is the classic side. There is only one way up the final 6km!

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Cycling Holidays

The climb to Angliru is a (highly recommend) route option on our Picos de Europa & Asturian Coast and Great Climbs of the Vuelta cycling holidays.

You can find out more information below about these and similar tours that we run in high mountains.

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Self-Guided Cycling Holiday
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Level: Difficulty Medium to Challenging
Price: from €1,130 EUR
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