Gamoniteiro - Asturias

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Pola de Lena 1772 1462 16.4 8.9 1945 *****

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Gamoniteiro is as tough as it looks on the profile. Very long periods of the climb are in excess of 10% gradient and the last kilometre - the most challenging of Gamoniteiro - is compounded by a poor road surface.

Roads & Traffic

The road surface as far as the Cobertoria is in perfect condition. After turning off towards Gamoniteiro it is mixed. Generally it is very good, but there are short sections which are extremely rough - almost like riding over cobbles. These are only short at around 100-200m, but they are also on some of the steepest sections, so require a lot of power to get over.

There is very little traffic throughout the climb.

Climb Description


Gamoniteiro is pretty much what you would expect from a climb which shares its mountain with Angliru. It never quite reaches the highest gradients of its more (in)famous cousin, but it is still a very tough climb in its own right.

The first half of Gamoniteiro is basically the entire climb of La Cobertoria from Pola de Lena - the turn off towards Gamoniteiro comes less than 1km from the top. From here, the climb takes on a different characteristic, with a series of very steep sections followed by brief periods of recovery. Once you get to the final kilometre - the hardest of the climb - there is no choice other than to power you way up to the radar station which marks the top of the climb.

Gamoniteiro is one of the most beautiful climbs in Asturias - particularly the second half which is wonderfully isolated. Here you may not see another person - just the peaceful and cyclist friendly dogs which lazily guard their sheep and cows from the wolves that occasionally roam the area at night.

One of the highlights of Gamoniteiro is that you climb right to the summit of the mountain. Most cycling climbs take you over a pass or to wherever the road ends; it is a rare pleasure to ride up to the highest point around and to enjoy the views which that affords.

Gamoniteiro is usually open from May to the end of October. The road is sometimes cleared at other times to enable access to the radar station - but don't count on this being the case. La Cobertoria, which makes up the first half of the climb, is open throughout the year.

Other Sides

The second half of Gamoniteiro - the defining part of the climb - is only accessible one way. The lower part, however, can also be accessed via the west side of La Cobertoria. Simply continue 1km over the top of La Cobertoria - descending towards Pola de Lena - before turning left to continue climbing towards Gamoniteiro.

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Gamoniteiro can be climbed as an optional extension on our Ancares & Somiedo Mountains self-guided cycling holiday, as well as on our Great Climbs of the Vuelta a España guided cycling tour.