Tierra de Trigo

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Sibora 1,105m 1,105m 13.5 km 8.2% 1,544 ****

Tierra de Trigo Profile

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Climb Description

The climb to Tierra de Trigo is quite possibly the most challenging climb in Tenerife. It may have less than half the elevation gain of the various ascents to El Teide, but it makes up for that with some incredibly hard and steep sections. At times the gradients is well over 20%, and requires you to strain every sinew to heave bike around the tight switchbacks.

After the initial steep section (from 3-5km) there is some respite and you do have a chance to catch your breath. And it is important to recover, because there is another very challenging section towards the top of the climb.

In terms of scenery, there are some fantastic coastal views on the lower slopes, which overlook the western tip of the island. But you probably won't be too focused on that for much of the climb. This one is about the challenge more than admiring the lanscape.

Tierra de Trigo Climb

The numerous hairpin bends in the distance are the toughest

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is in good condition throughout the climb, although take care on the very steep haripin bends, particularly if you descend this way.

We don't recommend riding this if the road is wet, as it can be difficult to get traction on some of the steeper sections, and can be particularly hazardous when descending.

There is very little traffic on most of the ascent. However, the short sections on the TF-82 and TF-42 roads are slightly more busy.

Alternative Routes

This is the only way to reach the Tierra de Trigo pass in the middle of the climb. However, the top can also be reached via the climb to Erjos.

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Cycling Holidays

The climb to Tierra de Trigo is an optional route route extension on our Best of Tenerife cycling holiday. It is not our first recommendation in the area, but is a possibility if you like to challenge yourself and suffer!

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