Collada Llomena (Puente Vidosa) - Asturias

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Puente Vidosa (N-625) 1003 707 7.5 9.4 874 ****

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Collado Llomena from Puente Vidosa is a hard climb. It is relatively short, but the gradient is consistently steep, with one kilometre containing numerous pitches in excess of 15% gradient.

Roads & Traffic

The road is in good condition throughout. Although be careful of rocks on the lower part of the climb, which frequently fall onto the road, occasionally pitting the surface.

There is very little traffic on this climb.

Climb Description

Collada Llomena

Collada Llomena from Puente Vidosa is a tough climb in the heart of the Ponga Natural Park. It has never been used in the Vuelta a España, with the race preferring to climb on the main road over the Puerto de Pontón, but the Llomena is a more scenic climb and is certainly a better choice for amateur cyclists than staying on the main road.

The ascent begins by climbing through a rocky gorge; with the steepest section coming before the village of Viego. After Viego it becomes increasingly forested, but still with attractive views across to the Picos de Europa Mountains.

Collada Llomena is nominally open year-round; however, short-term closures due to snow are frequent during the winter.

Other Sides

Collada Llomena can also be climbed from the west, with the ascent starting immediately from San Juan de Beleño.

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Collada Llomena from Puente Vidosa is descended on our Picos de Europa self-guided cycling holiday, as well as our Great Climbs of the Vuelta a España guided cycling tour.