Puerto de Arnicio (La Marea)

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
La Marea 916m 588m 9.4 km 6.2% 433 ***

Puerto de Arnicio Cycling Profile

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Climb Description

Puerto Arnicio is a quiet and relative unknown climb. The climb really begins 15km earlier from the town of Infiesto; however, the first part is so gentle that it seems wrong to include it in the overall statistics. It is fairly picturesque, but is mostly in forest until it all spectacularly opens up at the top of the pass.

The road is fantastically quiet and we recommend climbing it if you are in the area, but the road surface is annoying on the descent and reduces the overall rating to ***.

Puerto de Arnicio usually open year-round; however, short-term closures due to snow are possible during the winter.

Puerto de Arnicio  -  Asturias Cycling Climb

The scenery is pleasant rather than spectacular

Roads & Traffic

The road is in quite poor condition. It doesn't have many pot-holes, but the surface is very rough bumpy - something which is particularly noticeable when descending either side.

There is very little traffic on this climb.

Alternative Routes

Puerto de Arnicio can also be approached from the south, starting in Campo de Caso. It is quite rolling from this side with stretches of downhill and flatter periods, making it difficult to really categorize it as a climb. The surface is equally rough on this side.

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Cycling Holidays

The climb to Puerto de Arnicio is an optional route extension on our Picos de Europa & Asturian Coast and Great Climbs of the Vuelta cycling holidays. But we generally, recommend riding some other nearby climbs ahead of this one.

You can find out more information below about these and similar tours that we run in high mountains.

Picos de Europa National Park
Spanish FlagSpain

Self-Guided Cycling Holiday
Length: 7 Days
Level: Difficulty Medium to Challenging
Price: from €1,130 EUR
Puerto de Arnicio
Spanish FlagSpain

Self-Guided Cycling Holiday
Length: 8 Days
Level: Difficulty Challenging-Hard
Price: from €1,130 EUR
French FlagFrance

Self-Guided Cycling Holiday
Length: 8 Days
Level: Difficulty Challenging-Hard
Price: from €1,070 EUR