Panderrueda (Caín)

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Caín 1,450m 965m 18.8 km 5.1% 1,145 ****

Panderrueda from Caín - Cycling Profile

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Climb Description

The Panderrueda from Caín is a fantastic climb, which offers varying challenges along with consistently excellent scenery. The most interesting part is at the beginning, following the steeply undulating and narrow road from the village of Caín to the crossroad at Posada de Valdeón. The stunning narrow gorge and rock formations won't make you forget the fact that you are climbing stretches in excess of 20% gradient, but their beauty may at least ease the pain a little.

Caín is well known for being one end of the Cares Gorge walk - one of the most popular hiking routes in Spain. The other end incidentally is in Poncebos - at the foot of Jito de Escarandi. Alas, it is not possible to pass through the Cares Gorge on a bicycle.

The scenery on offer on the Panderrueda is more than good enough though; this is the Picos de Europa at their finest, with steep peaks and glorious rock formations giving the road a claustrophobic feel. Once you reach Posada de Valdeón the scenery opens up more and the road becomes more of a regular climb; although still with some very enjoyable hairpin bends. From the top of the Panderrueda it is a 20km ride to the lakes at Riaño - another stunning scene which is definitely worth a visit.

To get to the start of this climb in Caín, it is necessary to descend the same road that you will then climb back up; there is no possibility to do a circular route on a road bike. Beware that this descent also contains a short but killer climb in it - one which averages 19% for around 250m.

The road from Caín to Posada de Valdeón is usually open throughout the year. The top of Panderrueda can be closed at times for snow between November and April - although it is periodically cleared.

Panderrueda from Caín - Castilla y León Cycling Climb

The gradients are very inconsistent as you climb up through the gorge

Roads & Traffic

The road is in very good condition throughout.

There is little traffic on the climb throughout most of the year. On weekends in the summer the road from Caín to Posada de Valdeón can become quite busy with cares driving to the start of the famous Cares Gorge route.

Panderrueda Top of Climb

From the top there are views towards the Picos de Europa National Park

Alternative Routes

Puanderrueda can also be cimbed from the west. This is a very short and gentle climb, and is normally done as an extension at the end of the Puerto de Pontón.

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Cycling Holidays

Our cycling holiday to the Picos de Europa & Asturian Coast can be adapted to include the climb to Panderrueda.

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