Pico Gorramakil (Puerto Otxondio)

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Dantxainea 1,090m 1,006m 21.0 km 4.8% 640 ***

Pico Gorramakil (Puerto Otxondio) Profile

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Climb Description

The climb to Pico Gorramakil is one of the longest and most challenging ascents in the Basque Pyrenees. It begins next to the border with France and initially climbs on the main road at steady and gentle gradients to Puerto Otxondio. The first part of the climb is mostly in forest and not too scenic.

At Puerto Otxondio you can either descend down towards Elizondo, with the option of climbing the excellent Izpegui, or you can turn left and head towards Pico Gorramakil.

If you choose the latter you are rewarded with beatuiful narrow lanes and some inconsistent gradients which take you above the trees. The views from the top are stunning, with a 360° panoraama that overlooks much of the Basque coastline in both Spain and France.

You will then have to descend back to Puerto Otxondio, but it is well worth heading to the top.

Roads & Traffic

The road is in very good condition until Puerto Otxondio. From here it is in quite poor condition. There are potholes and short gravel sections which you have to take care on, but which are certainly passable on a road bike.

There is not much traffic on the climb. The first part of the climb has a few cars and the odd truck, but the upper part is extremely quiet.

Alternative Routes

This is the only way to reach Pico Gorramakil, although the first half of the climb (to Puerto Otxandio) can also be ridden from Elizondo in the south. This is a steady and fairly gentle climb.

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Cycling Holidays

Puerto Otxondio can be climbed as an optional extension on our Pyrenees Coast to Coast cycling holiday. It is also possible to continue to Pico Gorramakil if you are feeling strong enough, but that would make for a very tough ride on the first day of the tour!

Check out the information below for details of this and some of the other tours that we run in high mountains.

Port de Pailheres Cycling
French FlagFrance

Guided Cycling Holiday
Length: 9 Days
Level: Difficulty Hard
Price: €1,980 EUR
*Bike Hire Included

French FlagFrance

Guided Cycling Holiday
Length: 8 Days
Level: Difficulty Challenging-Hard
Price: €1,630 EUR
*Bike Hire Included

Lagos de Covadonga
Spanish FlagSpain

Self-Guided Cycling Holiday
Length: 8 Days
Level: Difficulty Challenging-Hard
Price: from €1,490 EUR