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El Teide, Tenerife Tenerife has become increasingly popular for both professional and amateurs cyclists in the last few years. Professionals visit the island to improve their altitude training; indeed, it is well documented that 2012 Tour de France winner, Bradley Wiggins, attributes part of his success to the stint he spent in Tenerife the previous winter.

The island is also popular for people who just enjoy cycling, and do not want to go on a training holiday. It has perfect temperatures for cycling throughout the year, relatively low traffic on many roads, and, most importantly of all, magnificent scenery throughout the island. Here we look at our favourite places for cycling on Tenerife.

El Teide

If you have visited any of the Canary Islands, you will probably be well aware of how much El Teide dominated Tenerife. This volcano, at 3,718 metres in altitude, is the highest mountain in Spain, and one of the highest in Europe.

The mountain is at the centre of a superb national park which makes for great cycling. There are several routes up, with the most popular starting from Oratova, to the north of El Teide. Most of the roads are in superb condition, and the views differ spectacularly depending on which route you take up the mountain.

The climb is obviously long, but it is not particularly difficult. The gradient is fairly steady and rarely gets above 7%, making it an accessible climb for most cyclists of resonable fitness.

The TF-12

TF 12, Tenerife This road, which loops from San Andres to San Cristobal, is one of the most enjoyable routes to cycle in the whole of Spain. The road surface is excellent, and the road carries relatively little traffic.

The whole length of the road carries superb views of the Anaga mountains, and there are several small side roads that you can follow, taking you deeper into the mountains. This route is ideal for anyone based in Santa Cruz, or who is passing by the north-east of the island.

Punta de Teno

The most westerly point in Tenrife, Punta de Teno can be accessed only by a one way road running from the main road to Buenavista del Norte. The road is not great quality in places, but it is a really enjoyable route to cycle, with fantastic views of the Atlantic on your right hand side.

The highlight is reaching the lighthouse at the end of the road, where a small peninsula juts out into the ocean. This is a great little extension to a route if you are in this part of the island.


Masca, Tenerife Along with El Teide, Masca is probably the most well known cycling route on the island. The narrow road which runs from Santiago del Teide is certainly not recommended for beginners. The gradients are steep in places, and the downhill sections are technical, requiring a head for heights.

With the challenge, however, comes truly remarkable scenery, as the route passes by tiny villages, surrounded by steep sided mountains, which loom over them ominously. If you would like to cycle to all of these places, you may be interested in our self guided cycling holiday to Tenerife.

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