Porto to Lisbon Cycling Holiday
Portugal FlagPortugal

Portugal: Porto - Lisbon

Guided Cycling Holiday

Portugal FlagPortugal

Portugal: Porto - Lisbon
Guided Cycling Tour
Length: 9 Days
Level: Difficulty Medium
Price: €1,950 EUR
This guided cycling holiday explores the west of Portugal between Porto and Lisbon. You will cycle through beautiful scenery in Natural Parks, vineyards and along the dramatic Atlantic coastline, with unforgettable views on every ride.

The eight night tour stays in some of the most charming towns in the region, including Alcobaça and Óbidos. You will also visit the impressive cities of Aveiro and Coimbra - both steeped in history and the unique culture of Portugal.

There are two route options each day, to give flexibility and to make the holiday suitable for riders of different levels. Whether you choose the longer or shorter route on any given day, we are sure that you will love the views and the tranquility of the nature here. While the interesting history of the region, the Portuguese hospitality and the excellent gastronomy, will make sure there is also a lot to enjoy off the bike!

This holiday is fully supported and guided and is suitable for riders of all levels. Below you can find a detailed itinerary, and click on the tabs to see more highlights, as well as all the practical information about the holiday.

Portugal Cycling Map

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Day 1 - Porto

The holiday begins in Porto - a beautiful historic city which takes its name from its period as a key Atlantic port during the Roman Empire.

From your hotel, situated near to the River Douro and the iconic Luis I bridge, you can explore the nearby sights of Porto, including the ‘Sé’ Cathedral and the narrow cobbled streets of the old town.

Just across the river you will also enter the port wine district of Gaia, where you can sample the city’s most famous produce in the local cellars.

Porto Bridge
Luis I Bridge - Porto

Day 2 - Porto Coast & Aveiro

The first day in the saddle stays close to the Atlantic coast for much of the day. We leave Porto on quiet lanes and cycle routes and then head south through the Barrinha de Esmoriz nature Reserve. It is an enjoyable and gentle ride, with pleasant scenery and no significant climbing. There are fantastic coastal views throughout the first half of the ride.

On the route we stop for lunch in a charming local restaurant, before heading inland and crossing wetlands into Aveiro. Here you can engage in some birdwatching, with storks, flamingos and marsh harriers among the species regularly spotted here.

Aveiro is our destination and is known for its colourful buildings, its canals and gondolas. It also has an excellent food scene, supplemented by the town's artisanal salt production.

Cycle Routes

Shorter Route: 58km / 200m Elevation
(36 miles / 650 ft)

Longer Route: 85km / 420m
(53 miles / 1450 ft)
Douro Vineyards
Vineyards in the Douro - Aveiro Region

Day 3 - Pateira & Luso

Today we head inland as the coastal scenery gives way to orchards, eucalyptus trees and pine forests. It’s a fun route to ride, following winding lanes with little traffic.

Highlights include riding past the Fermentelos Lake and Requeixo Bridge, as well as following the Camino de Santiago route for a stretch. The shorter ride finishes with a gentle climb up to Luso, a small spa town which is famous throughout Portugal for its bottled water. The water reputedly has healing qualities and has been used as a health remedy since the 18th century. The pleasant town center is a nice place to stop for a coffee and taste the fresh spring water!

There is also the possibility to extend the ride with an optional loop around the Bussaco National Forest. These scenic spot features some fun climbs and descents, as well as fantastic views overlooking the value. It was also the site of a significant battle in the Napoleonic Wars of the 19th Century, where Portuguese and British forces were able to resist French attempts to take Lisbon.

Cycle Routes

Shorter Route: 52km / 550m
(32 miles / 1,900 ft)

Longer Route: 58km / 850m
(36 miles / 2,900 ft)
Excellent Gastronomy
Portugal is world famous for its fish dishes

Day 4 - Mondego Valley & Coimbra

The ride today is one of the most scenic of the holiday, as we follow a beautiful rolling road out of Luso. The road ends at the small hilltop town of Penacova, where we can stop for coffee and admire the spectacular views of the valley below.

From Penacova we ride alongside the Mondego River, following a gently rolling route with impressive views throughout, into our destination town – Coimbra.

Coimbra, a former capital of Portugal, has been an important city for over two thousand years. You can see a range of historic sites in the town from the Roman, Moorish, Medieval and Early Modern periods.

The most impressive feature is the city’s university complex, which was one of the earliest in Europe when it was established in the 13th Century. Today it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is scattered around the maze of streets in the beautiful old town. We will aim to arrive into Coimbra relatively early, to give you time to look around the old town after lunch.

Cycle Routes

Shorter Route: 49km / 600m
(30 miles / 2,000 ft)

Longer Route: 67km / 1,000m
(42 miles / 3,350 ft)
Penacova, Portugal
Mondego River, Penacova

Day 5 - Conimbriga & Leiria

We tackle a couple of short climbs after leaving Coimbra and soon arrive at Conimbriga – the best preserved Roman ruins in Portugal. The ancient city grew into an important settlement on the road from Lisbon to northern Spain and today you can still see baths, houses, villas and monumental buildings from two thousand years ago.

After admiring Conimbriga we continue heading south. The gently rolling road heads mostly through the valley making for enjoyable and relaxed riding. It is a relatively long day, but with no major climbs, and there are several nice spots to stop along the way and break up the journey.

Other highlights include the historic town of Pombal, where we stop for lunch, and Leiria, which is where our route finishes. Leiria is a charming city, centred around a tightly packed old town, and overlooked by an imposing hilltop castle.

Cycle Routes

Shorter Route: 52km / 600m
(32 miles / 2000 ft)

Longer Route: 84km / 1,050m
(52 miles / 3,400 ft)
Eucalyptus Forest
Eucalyptus Forests - Central Portugal

Day 6 - Batalha & Alcobaça

Today we leave Leiria following quiet roads and cycle routes and soon arrive at Batalha – a small town which was built around a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage listed monastery.

The monastery was built in the 14th century to commemorate a nearby battle, which saw the Portuguese defeat the army of neighbouring Castile. This ensured Portuguese independence and established a new ruling dynasty, who would usher in Portugal’s Golden Age of maritime exploration and discovery. The monastery is a large complex with stunning architecture and is the burial place of several Portuguese kings, it is well worth a visit. From Batalha we get back on the bikes and continue through orchards and vineyards to our hotel in Alcobaça. Similarly to Batalha, Alcobaça is home to a UNESCO listed monastery; this one built in the 12th century to celebrate the conquest of Lisbon and Santarem from the Muslim caliphate of Al-Andalus.

The huge monastery, built in Gothic style, housed over one thousand monks at its peak. It was one of the major religious centres in Iberia, as well as being a local centre of trade and industry. The surrounding old town is also fun to explore, with many bars, boutique shops and restaurants.

Cycle Routes

Shorter Route: 45km / 550m
(28 miles / 1,800 ft)

Longer Route: 68km / 850m
(42 miles / 2,800 ft)
Batalha Monastery
Batalha Monastery

Day 7 - Nazaré & Atlantic Coast

From Alcobaca we head towards the coast. The route follows rolling roads through pine forests, before arriving at the impressive beach of Paredes de Victoria, which makes for a great coffee stop. From here we ride along the coast towards the town of Nazaré, which is one of the most picturesque on Portugal's Atlantic Coast. It is known in particular for the huge waves that sometimes crash into the beach here, and which have made the town a very popular destination for surfers.

We stay close to the beach in Nazaré; you can relax here in the afternoon, or take advantage of the hotel's swimming pool. It is also highly recommended to take a stroll around Nazaré’s old town, where you can explore a network of narrow stairways, alleys and coves, all with great views of the coastline.

Cycle Routes

Shorter Route: 53km / 600m
(33 miles / 1,950 ft)

Longer Route: 62km / 700m
(39 miles / 2,350 ft)
Coast Nazare
Nazaré's Picturesque Coastline

Day 8 - São Martinho & Óbidos

The final day in the saddle begins by climbing out of Nazaré on a very scenic road overlooking the coastline. There is open scenery throughout much of the ride as we continue by riding close to the sea, through the villages of Sao Martinho and Foz do Arelho. There are some really remarkable views here as we traverse balcony roads overlooking the ocean.

The day ends in the town of Óbidos, one of the most charming places in Portugal, and our personal favourite! Óbidos is a Medieval town which really takes you back in time, thanks to its fantastically preserved old town. We recommend walking around the 2km long city walls, to enjoy great views of the narrow, cobbled streets below.

We also recommend trying Ginja, the local liquer of Óbidos which is made from the sour cherries that you will see throughout the region.

Cycle Routes

Shorter Route: 44km / 200m
(28 miles / 660 ft)

Longer Route: 57km / 650m
(36 miles / 2100 ft)
São Martinho
São Martinho

Day 9 - Lisbon

The guided tour comes to an end after breakfast. In the morning we will offer you a transfer to Lisbon Airport.

We highly recommend spending a few days in Lisbon to explore the beautiful historic center, as well as attractions such as Belém Tower and the Royal Palaces of Sintra.

Obidos Walls
Óbidos Walls

This unforgettable holiday crosses much of Portugal, travelling between Porto and Lisbon. We ride through diverse scenery, including the dramatic Atlantic Coastline, inland vineyards and along the Camino de Santiago route. You will stay in luxurious hotels and visit castles, Roman ruins, UNESCO World Heritage listed monasteries and stunning Medieval villages. We will also sample plenty of Portugal's world renowned gastronomy and wine!

And these are just a few of the many highlights of the tour. Check out more in the photo album below:

  • Eight Nights Accommodation (see the Hotels section for more details). Please note that accommodation on day 9 in Lisbon is not included.
  • 14 meals: 8 breakfasts, & 6 lunches (these include tapas and three course meals in local restaurants - drinks inlcuded)
  • Bicycle Hire (Hybrid, road or e-bike).
  • Transfers to and from the arrival / departure point (see below for details)
  • Luggage transferred between hotels
  • Vehicle Support on the routes
  • Experienced guides (Ian and Lucia from Cycle Fiesta) riding the routes and explaining the places of interest
  • Detailed information pack
Not Included:

Bicycle hire is included in the cost of the holiday, and we recommend our lightweight hybrid bikes or e-bikes for this tour.

We generally recommend our lightweight hybrid bikes on this tour for greater comfort and for the low gearing. But if you are more used to riding a road bike, we can also provide those. E-bikes are a good option if you are unsure about the distance or about tackling some of the more rolling sections of the route. Or if you just like to have the option of some assistance every now and again!

We can also provide carbon road bikes.

More details about our bikes can be found on our bicycles page. The exact model depends on availability, so please get in touch if you would like more information.

All of our bikes come with helmets and handlebar bags if required, as well as a Cycle Fiesta water bottle.
Hybrid Bicycle Our lightweight hybrid bikes

Difficulty Level & Roads
This tour is rated as Medium to Challenging level of difficulty. Whether it is medium or challenging depends on whether you take the shorter or longer route each day.

In general the riding on the shorter routes is mostly on gently rolling roads. Some days have long flat sections, while others include relatively short climbs (up to around 3km or 2 miles in length).

The longer routes include more sustained climbs, and are a good choice for riders who enjoy including some climbing and winding descents in their rides.

If you would like to ride the longer routes, but are concerned about the hills, then it may be worth considering using an e-bike. You can switch off the motor whenever you want, and ride it like a normal bike, just using the assistance as a kind of added insurance!

You can choose whether to do the longer or shorter route each day.

The routes are mostly on paved roads and cycle paths. There are some scenic sections on light gravel, although these can be avoided if you prefer to stay on paved roads throughout.

We hate riding alongside cars and so avoid it as much as possible! All of the rides follow quiet, country lanes where you can ride for long periods of time without seeing a single vehicle.

Find out more about our tour difficulty levels.

Arrival and Departure
Porto is the arrival point for the tour. It has a sizeable international airport, and is also easy to reach by train from Lisbon.

The departure point is Lisbon. On the last day of the tour we provide a transfer from Óbidos;to Lisbon airport or city center.

Please contact us if you you would like some assistance in finding a suitable flight or train connections to Porto or Lisbon.
Portugal Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse through some of the frequently asked questions about this cycling tour. If you have any further questions, or would like any more information, please contact us and we will answer by email.

Should I ride the longer or shorter routes?

This depends entirely on you! The longer and shorter routes all start and finish at the same place, and so you can decide on any given day which you would prefer to do. There is no need to commit until the day of the ride itself.

On the longer routes you see more and are able to visit more places, while the shorter routes are more relaxing and ideal if you like to take your time and go at a slower pace.

If you would like to visit the extra towns and monuments on the longer routes, but are worried about the distances, then we recommend hiring an e-bike, which will give you more flexibility.

What is the weather like?

The weather on this tour is generally very pleasant for cycling, with the coast of Portugal having a warm Atlantic climate. Average temperatures during the day from April to October vary between 19°C (66°F) and 28°C (82°F). August is the hottest month of the year, but is still pleasant for riding compared with the rest of Southern Europe.

Portugal experiences considerable rainfall in the winter, so we generally don't recommend doing this tour from mid Novemeber until March. Rain is still possible during the rest of the year, particularly in the northern part of the route around Porto. However, it is usually light showers, and long, sunny days are much more common at this time of year.

Can I extend the tour?

If you wish to include extra nights at the start or end of the holiday, we would be happy to organize this for you.

It's certainly worth spending extra nights in both Porto and Lisbon if you can spare the time.

Can non-cyclists come on the trip?

Absolutely! Non-cyclists are more than welcome.

Although cycling is a big part of the holiday, we also do a lot off the bike. Usually non-cyclists ride in the support vehicle and can explore the various towns and villages along the route.

Who is leading the tour?

All of our guided tours are led personally by the founders of Cycle Fiesta - Ian & Lucia.

See our about us page for more information.

How does the cycling work on the tours?

This is a relaxed tour, and we encourage everyone to go at their own pace. It's a holiday after all, and we don't want you to feel rushed at any point.

Sometimes we ride in big group, but usually people tend to split up into smaller groups riding at different speeds and we regroup at several points throughout the day.

What do lunches consist of on this tour?

Lunches are mostly taken in high quality local restaurants and consists of traditional Portuguese dishes. The menu normally has three or four options for each course (including at least one vegetarian option). We believe that experiencing the local gastronomy is a key part of any holiday and so we try to select excellent restaurants which showcase the food from the region.

Drinks are included (water, soft drinks, beer, wine) with all meals.

What is your cancellation policy?

The full cancellation policy can be found in our terms and conditions.

This includes our latest Covid policy.

Can I do this as a private guided tour?

Yes, we can run this as a private tour for groups of eight or more people. Please get in contact with us to discuss dates and any changes you would like to make to the itinerary.

Why book with us?

We are a small and independent company who are locally based, which offers several advantages:

- We have a lot personal experience of all of our tours, which have been refined over many years. We believe we are genuine experts in the regions where we run tours, and we are also close at hand to offer support and a personalized service.

- We are flexible and can tailor our itineraries to suit your requirements.

- We have low overheads. We don't spend money on advertising and don't use third party agents. We only sell our tours through this website.

By cutting out the middle man, you can be sure that more of what you pay is being spent on the important things: like hotels, equipment and other services.

- We are a registered and fully bonded tour operator in accordance with EU regulations.

Hotel Neya
Hotel Neya Porto
This 4-star hotel in Porto is located on the Douro River. It is a short walk from the historic center and the Luis I bridge. It is also just across the water from the Porto wine district.

The hotel is very comfortable with large rooms and an excellent breakfast.
Melia Ria
Melia Ria - Aveiro
A stylish 4-star spa hotel situated on the main canal of Aveiro. It has very comfortable rooms and good facilities, and it is closely situated to the lively center of Aveiro.
Grande Hotel de Luso
Grande Hotel de Luso
A spectacular 4-star spa hotel in the center of Luso. The hotel has an olympic sized swimming pool and direct access to the towns thermal baths. It has excellent facilities and well equipped rooms.
Hotel Astória
Hotel Astoria
This 3-star hotel is ideally situated in Coimbra alongside the Mondego River. It is a short walk to the old cathedral and the university, and is also close to several superb restaurants.

The rooms are elegant and comfortable.
Eurosol Hotel
Eurosol Hotel
This 4-star hotel is located on the edge of Leiria's delightful old town and is only a ten minute walk to the imposing hilltop castle.

The rooms are modern and stylishly decorated and the hotel has a swimming pool on its terrace and a well equipped gym.
Montebelo Mosteiro de Alcobaçl;a Historic Hotel
Hotel Mosteiro
This spectacular 5-star hotel is housed inside a UNESCO World Heritage monastery in Alcobaça. It has spacious and delightful rooms, excellent spa facilities and a superb breakfast.

The hotel is also situated in the heart of heart of Alcobaça, making it easy to explore the historic center.
Hotel Praia
Hotel Praia
A styilsh 4-star hotel located just 100m from Nazaré's main beach. The hotel has excellent facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, and has very comfortable rooms designed in a modern style.

Josefa d'Óbidos
Hotel Josefa
A historic 4-style hotel situated right next to the Medieval walls of Óbidos. The rooms are well equipped and full of charm and character.

The hotel is superbly located for exploring the old town of Óbidos.

To find out more about how we select our hotels, please see our accommodation page.

Date Price (per person)¹ Single Supplement Bike Hire
€1,950 EUR €420 Included
Other Dates² - - -

¹Price is based on two people sharing a double or twin room. If you would prefer to stay in a single room, the single supplement is applicable.

To reserve a place on the tour, click the button above and complete the reservation form. We will then get back to you within 24 hours to confirm the reservation, and to arrange for payment of the deposit.

For more details on the booking process, please check out our Reservations page.

²Other Dates
Groups of eight people or more contact us to arrange a private guided tour starting on any date.

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