Port de Larrau (Navarra)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Ochagavía (NA-140 Junction) 1585 695 10.8 6.4 501 ****

Port de Larrau Ochagavia Profile
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Roads & Traffic

The road is in very good condition throughout.

There is very little traffic on this climb.

Climb Description

Port de Larrau - Ochagavia

Port de Larrau is a pleasant climb in the Spanish Pyrenees; although from a cycling point of view, the more famous and challenging ascent is on the French side.

It was here that effectively ended the career of one of cycling's all time greats - Miguel Induraín. The Spaniard was bidding to win his sixth consecutive Tour de France in 1996 when he cracked on the relentlessly steep gradients of Port de Larrau, losing minutes and any hope of winning the general classification.

This was a cruel twist of fate for Induraín who was looking forward to the Tour de France passing into his home region of Navarra on that very stage. Indeed, Port de Larrau is one of many border crossings between France and Spain that are dotted along the Pyrenees range.

The scenery here is not the most spectacular in the Pyrenees, but nor is it humdrum. The upper slopes are particularly impressive, as you climb above the tree-line. The beauty of Port de Larrau - and the Basque Pyrenees in general - is their isolation. There are very few tourists here - indeed, very few people in general - which adds to a great sense of tranquility and peacefulness.

Port de Larrau is open from May to November. It is also sometimes clear to ride in April and early December, but don't count on it in these months.

Other sides

Port de Larrau can also be climbed from the French side, beginning a few kilometres to the north of the village of Larrau.

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Port de Larrau can be climbed as an extension on our Pyrenees Coast to Coast cycling holiday.