Passo Fedaia (Caprile)

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Caprile 2,061m 984m 14.0 km 7.0% 1,178 *****

Passo Fedaia - Caprile - Cycling Profile

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Climb Description

Whisper it quietly, as this may not be a universally shared opinion, but we believe Passo Fedaia from Caprile is one of the very best cycling climbs in all of the Italian Alps. It has beautifully varied scenery, ranging from the stunning Sottoguda gorge (make sure you take this short diversion), to the incredible views of the Marmolada peak near to the pass - the highest mountain in the Dolomites.

The Fedaia from this side also has the gradients and challenge necessary to be considered a great cycling climb. The last 5km, from Malga Ciapela is brutal, and unrelenting until you reach the lakes which mark the pass. Legendary climber Marco Pantani was unimpressed by its difficult ('is that it'? he is once alleged to have said), but for most of us (particularly those with considerably fewer red blood cells) it is a real challenge.

Passo Fedaia (and the Marmolada Massif in general) was also part of the front line during the First World War. Italian forces faced Austrian troops high up in the mountain peaks. Here some of the most harrowing battles of a horrific conflict took place. Indeed, hiking in the mountains above the Fedaia you occasionally stumble across some rusted barbed wire which has been released from the glaciers, having been frozen for over 100 years. There is also a small museum at the top of the pass giving an overview of the conflict.

Passo Fedaia is best climbed from late May until early October.

Passo Fedaia from Caprile - Italian Alps Cycling Climb

This long straight section is the steepest part of the climb

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is in very good condition throughout. There is some traffic in peak season, but significantly less than other popular climbs in the area, and the road is wide enough that it is not at all bothersome.

The diversion through the Sottoguda Gorge is completely traffic fee - although you have to pay a small fee for the privilege of riding through there!

Passo Fedaia Sottoguda Gorge

Riding through the Sottoguda Gorge

Alternative Routes

Passo Fedaia can also be climbed from the west, starting in Canazei.

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Cycling Holidays

Passo Fedaia is climbed on our Dolomites & Italian Alps cycling holiday, which crosses Northern Italy from Zoncolan to Mortirolo.

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