Piedrasluengas - Puentenansa (Cantabria)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Puentenansa 1354 1193 37.6 3.2 465 ***

Piedrasluengas from Puentenansa Profile
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As the profile suggests Piedrasluengas is a very long and gentle climb. Apart from a small section in the middle of the time, the gradient very rarely exceeds 5% and for long periods it is little more than a false flat.

Roads & Traffic

The road is in good condition throughout most of the climb. The final 3km, after crossing from the region of Cantabria into Castilla y León, are notably worse, with the surface bumpy and cracked in places.

There is little traffic throughout the climb.

Climb Description

Piedrasluengas from Puentenansa

Piedrasluengas is a long old slog. There is not much difficult about the climb, but the sheer length of it makes pacing yourself important. The most interesting part in terms of scenery is also the steepest section, as you climb the hairpin bends to the Cohilla Reservoir. Apart from that the climb is pleasant but without any spectacular views (apart from the mirador at the very top).

The last 3km of Piedrasluengas are actually in the region of Castilla-y-León, but the majority of the climb is in Cantabria.

Piedrasluengas is open throughout the year; although short term closures due to snow are possible in the winter.

Other sides

Piedrasluengas can also be climbed from Potes.

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Piedrasluengas can be climbed as a tour extension on our Picos de Europa Cycling Holiday.