Puerto de Somiedo - Asturias

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Pola de Somiedo 1486 787 12 6.6 705 *****

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Puerto de Somiedo holds few surprises. The gradient is steady and it is easy to maintain a comfortable rhythm here.

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is in very good condition.

There is little traffic throughout the climb.

Climb Description

Puerto de Somiedo

Puerto de Somiedo is not an especially challenging climb, but it is one of the most beautiful in this part of Spain. It is set in the heart of the stunning Somiedo Natural Park - home to a unique ecosystem which includes bears, wolves, vultures, lynx and golden eagles.

The Somiedo is isolated and cut off from the rest of the region by the mountains that circle its perimiter; one of which provides the slopes for the climb to Puerto de Somiedo - a small village on the border with the province of León.

Puerto de Somiedo is pretty much guaranteed to be open from May to October each year. The road is often opened for longer depending on snowfall and is also often cleared when snow does occur, but not always from both sides so it is not always possible to pass during winter.

Other Sides

Puerto de Somiedo can also be climbed from the south. This climb in the neighbouring region of Castilla-León is a shorter and even more gentle ascent.

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Puerto de Somiedo is included on our Ancares & Somiedo Mountains self-guided cycling holiday, as well as on our Great Climbs of the Vuelta a España guided cycling tour.