Mirador del Fito (Loroñe) - Asturias

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Loroñe 590 560 7.3 7.7 534 ****

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Mirador del Fito from Loroñe is the tougher side of the climb. It begins with an easy first 3km, before a challenging final 4.5km, where the gradient averages 9.5%. Nevertheless it is short enough to pose few problems to decent climbers.

Roads & Traffic

The road is in very good condition throughout.

There is little traffic on the climb throughout the whole year.

Climb Description

La Cobertoria - Pola de Lena

This is the more sceneic side of Mirador del Fito,. It is largely forested but does open up in places offering pleasant views of the coast. The highlight though is the top of the climb - the Mirador del Fito itself.

At the top of the climb, however, you reach the Mirador itself; a raised viewing platform which is famous throughout Spain for its scenery. To the north you will see the coastline of the Cantabrian sea, lined with quiet sandy beaches and rocky coves. To the south you will see the spectacular peaks of the Picos de Europa National Park, including the idiosyncratic summit of Narnajo del Bulnes.

Mirador del Fito from Loroñe has been used at times in the Vuelta a España often preceding a stage finish at Lagos de Covadonga. It has not led to decisive attacks from GC contenders, but has been the launching pad for ambitious riders looking to win the stage at Covadonga. Such an attack, however, is complicated by the 12km of flat between the foot of the climb and the beginning of the ascent to the Lagos.

Mirador del Fito is accessible throughout the year.

Other Sides

The south side of Mirador del Fito - beginning in Arriondas is a more gentle but slightly longer ascent.

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Mirador del Fito from Loroñe is descended on our Picos de Europa self-guided cycling holiday.