Sierra de Lújar (Rubite)

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Castell de Ferro 1,873m 1,872m 31.9 km 5.9% 1,342 ***

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Climb Description

This climb to Sierra de Lujaúr begins in the town of Rubite. It starts on the GR-5206, before turning left onto the A-4131 just before the Puerto de Camacho. At the Puerto de Camacho, you turn left following the signs to Sierra de Lujaúr. The road continues all the way to the television tower at the very top of the mountain.

It is a very enjoyable climb in many ways; the first part, until Puerto Camacho has a perfect road surface and great views of the coast. There are also some fun hairpin bends after the town of Rubite, which are great for climbing and even better for descending! The panoramic views the top are also spectacular, with the coast and the Sierra Nevada mountains both clearly visible.

So, why only a *** rating? Well, the main issue is the road surface in the final 8km, after turning off at Puerto Camacho. It is quite badly broken in places and is difficult to ride on a road bike. If and when the road surface is improved here, it will be a ***** climb! For now, we would recommend only riding the first 20km up to Puerto Camacho.

Sierra de Lújar is usually open throughout the year.

Sierra de Lújar (Rubite) -  Cycling Climb in Andalucia

Hairpin bends after Rubite

Roads & Traffic

The road is in excellent condition as far as Puerto Camacho. After turning off the A-4131 it worsens considerably, with a lot of pot-holes and several areas which are just gravel. It is mostly passable on a road bike, but you sometimes may lose traction on the steeper sections. The descent on this part is also difficult given the poor road surface.

There is little traffic on the climb throughout, but it is almost non-existant once you leave the A-4131.

Alternative Routes

Sierra de Lújar can also be reached starting from the north in Los Tablones.

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Cycling Holidays

We can arrange customized cycling holidays to the Sierra Nevada mountains and surrounding area, including Sierra de Lújar. If you would be interested in this, please contact us to discuss the options and to put together an itinerary.

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