Sierra de Lújar (Los Tablones)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Los Tablones 1873 1551 20.8 7.5 1306 ***

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The first part of the climb to Puerto Camacho is quite easy. There are a couple of steeper kilometres, but it is largely gentle and easy to keep a gear ticking over.

Once you leave the main road, however, it becomes significantly more challenging. The gradient hovers around 10%, with several spikes and the poor road surface makes it feel even steeper.

Roads & Traffic

The road is in excellent condition until the Puerto Camacho. After turning off the A-4131 it worsens considerably, with a lot of pot-holes and several areas which are just gravel. It is passable on a road bike, but you sometimes may lose traction on the steeper sections. The descent on this part is also very technical given the poor road surface.

There is little traffic on the climb throughout, but it is almost non-existant once you leave the A-4131.

Climb Description

The climb to Sierra de Lújar begins just to the south of Los Tablones on the A-348. After 3km, you turn right onto the A-4131 and follow this until you reach Puerto Camacho.

Here it is necessary to turn right, leaving the main road and following the sign to Sierra de Lújar. The condition of the road worsens here, but is still possible to ride all the way up to the TV tower at the top of the mountain.

Sierra de Lújar is a pleasant climb for the most part. The first 12km to Puerto Camacho are really enjoyable. The road surface is good and there are fantastic views throughout the climb, especially as you look over you shoulder towards the Sierra Nevada National Park.

The last section is less enjoyable, and not just because of the gradient. The road surface is poor and takes a lot of your concentration so it is more difficult to enjoy the scenery, also the TV towers at the top of the climb are something of an eyesore.

Nevertheless, at the top of the climb you are one of the highest points around, so there are fine views on a clear day - especially looking north towards the Sierra Nevada.

Sierra de Lújar is usually open throughout the year.

Alternative Routes

Sierra de Lújar can also be reached starting from the south in Castell de Ferro.


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