Puerto de La Ragua (Cherín)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Cherín 2041 1508 25.1 6 970 ****

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La Ragua is a long climb, ascending to over 2,000m, so it requires good endurance. However, the gradients are very rarely steep and so it is a case of finding a rhythm and sustaining a steady pace throughout the climb.

Roads & Traffic

The road is in very good condition throughout the climb, and is good for both climbing and descending on a road bike. There is little traffic on the climb. You will probably meet a few cars, particularly in summer, but you will also climb for long periods without seeing any traffic.


Puerto de La Ragua - Cherín

The climb to Puerto de La Ragua from Cherín is easy to follow. It begins from the roundabout of the junction between the A-337 and the A-348 and then follows the A-337 all of the way to the top of the climb.

The climb is situated in the heart of the Sierra Nevada National Park and is one of only a few paved roads that go inside the park's boundaries.

Puerto de La Ragua is one of the most popular climbs for cyclists in Andalucia. It is a picturesque ascent into the heart of the Sierra de Nevada National Park, with fine views for the length of the climb.

The climb is used regularly in the Vuelta a España and is a great climb to include on a longer route around the edge of the Sierra Nevada.

Snow is fairly common in the winter months, and the zone near the top is used for cross-country skiing. However, it is nearly always cleared so the climb is accessible throughout the year - just make sure you carry adequate clothing for a potentially chilly descent.

Alternative Routes

It is also possible to climb to La Ragua from the north. This is a shorter and easier ascent than from Cherín.


You can extend our Seville to Granada cycling holiday to include La Ragua. Or please contact us if you would like to arrange a custom tour in the area.