Puerto de las Palomas (Grazalema)

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Grazalema 1,189m 821m 14.0 km 5.9% 535 ****

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Climb Description

The climb to Puerto de Las Palomas is situated in the Sierra de Grazalema close to where the provinces of Cadíz and Málaga meet. The climb from this side begins at the southern tip of the Zahara-El Gastor Reservoir, at the junction of the A-2300 and the CA-9123.

The climb heads south on the CA-9123 climbing firstly to the Puerto Chico, before a short descent into the town of Grazalema on the A-372. From Grazalema you head west, before turning onto the CA-531 for the final three kilometres to the Puerto de Las Palomas.

This is the least popular of the three main routes to Puerto de Las Palomas; however, that is largely a result of the starting location being awkward to reach. In terms of scenery, this is nearly as picturesque as the other two sides; the only slight disappointment is that the views in the early part of the climb are sometimes hidden by trees.

Nevertheless, it is still very picturesque and, given the good road surface and lack of traffic, the climb fully deserves its **** rating.

Puerto de las Palomas is usually open throughout the year.

Puerto de las Palomas - Grazalema -  Cycling Climb in Andalucia

The climb from this side passes through the charming 'white village' of Grazalema

Roads & Traffic

The road is in good condition throughout the climb. There is little traffic until you reach Grazalema. From Grazalema there are a few cars, but not enough to be bothersome and they mostly disappear again as you turn off the A-372.

Top of Puerto de las Palomas

The top of the climb is right in the heart of the Grazalema mountains

Alternative Routes

There are several other ways to climb to Las Palomas. Two of the best start in the towns od El Bosque and Zahara.

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Cycling Holidays

We can arrange customized cycling holidays to the mountains of Malaga and the Sierra Grazalema; including the climb to Puerto de las Palomas. If you would be interested in this, please contact us to discuss the options and to put together an itinerary.

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