The 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs in Spain

The 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs in Spain This is the list of what we believe are the 100 best road cycling climbs in Spain. The climbs have been chosen based on a number of factors, including: scenery, difficulty, cycling history, amount of traffic and road surface.

The list has evaluated all climbs on the mainland as well as those in the popular cycling holiday destinations of Mallorca and Tenerife. Click on the name of the climb to see the profile and more details, and let us know whether you agree with our choices in the comments.

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How to stay strong during a cycling holiday

Stay Strong During Cycling Holiday A cycling tour can be a physically demanding holiday where even strong cyclists can struggle at times. However, there are certain steps to take to help you stay strong and get the most out of your cycling holiday. Here we look at ways that you can save energy, improve your fitness and ensure that you are riding as strongly at the end of the holiday as you were at the beginning.

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Tenerife: A Winter Cycling Paradise

Tenerife Tenerife is now the top winter training destination for professional cyclists. In recent years the likes of Bradley Wiggins, Alberto Contador, Chris Froome and Vincenzo Nibali have all spent significant periods of time here from January to March.

Tenerife offers the perfect blend of high altitude climbs, warm weather, beautiful scenery and fantastic roads to make it a paradise for cyclists - especially those who have been stuck inside on the trainer for weeks on end. Find out how a cycling holiday to Tenerife can help to advance your training for a big sportive or racing season, and why it is a great destination for any rider that loves to climb. Click here to read more

Training For A Cycling Holiday

Cycling Holiday Training A cycling holiday is supposed to be fun. It is a chance to experience fantastic scenery, discover a new culture and also to challenge yourself. If you are in decent shape, then a cycling holiday will probably not put you in any physical difficulty, allowing you to fully enjoy the trip.

However, if it has been a while since you have done much regular riding, or if you plan to undertake a more challenging holiday, a bit of training beforehand can help you to get the most out of your tour.

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Cycling Hills

Climbing Hills We have just come back from our cycle tour to the Pyrenees, where we have obviously done our fair share of climbing hills.

A lot of cyclists do not like climbing hills, but we often find that once they have been shown proper technique they are transformed into the next Contador or Nibali - racing up even the steepest slopes.

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