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Most airlines now accept bicycles on their planes; however, it can often turn into a surprisingly expensive and time consuming task. Each company requires you to do different things in order for them to accept your bike, and they charge a wide range of fees.

As a tour operator running cycling holidays in Spain, our customers often ask us for information about which airlines are the cheapest to carry a bike on. To make things easier for our customers and anybody else looking to take their bike on holiday with them, we have compiled a table below with the prices and conditions of many airlines.

Please note, that this is for information only - it is important to check with the airline before you buy the ticket as the conditions often change with little notice. However, the table will enable you to get a quick comparison of which airlines in your region may be the most bike friendly.

Last Updated - August 2012
Airline Price For Bike Max Weight Condtions
Aer Lingus €40 15kg Must pay fee at the airport (Between 6 and 10 bicycles carried depending on the route. Free on routes from Ireland to North America.
Aeroflot Free* - Free if within baggage allowance. If not, variable fees apply (average €100 for second piece)
Air Berlin €50 32kg Register before, pack in soft case
Air Europa €75 - -
Alitalia Free / €75 23kg Free if within 23kg luggage allowance - otherwise must pay additional €75
American Airlines $150* - You can use your bike instead of luggage allowance
Austrian Airlines Free / €70 23kg Free if withing luggage allowance and dimensions
Bmi Baby €22 / £18 18kg If booked through website (€28 if not)
British Airways Free* - Free if within personal baggage allowance (23kg in total)
Easyjet £25 30kg Nothing else must be carried in the bike bag/box (e.g. clothes)
Finnair €60 32kg For flights within Europe (€100 for flights to other continents) - Bike covered with thick plastic or cardboard.
Flybe €37 / £30 20kg Call them to book in advance - limited space
Iberia €75 - Must be packed in a solid bike box (available from Iberia for €20
Jet2 €40 / £30 20kg Must pre-book, pack in stiff cardboard
KLM €55 23kg Make reservation at least 48 hours before departure
Lufthansa €50 - Register more than 48 hours before flight
Monarch £20 20kg Pack in a bag / box
Norwegian €37 25kg Limited room if packed in soft case (4 bikes per flight) - some routes require bike to be packed in hard case
Ryanair £50 / €50 30kg £60 / €60 if not booked online - packed in bike bag or box
Scandinavian Airlines Free / €45 23kg Only free if taken in place of baggage allowance (must be less than 158cm) - otherwise €45 each way
Swiss International Air Free / €50 23kg Free if within 23kg luggage allowance - otherwise must pay additional €50
Thomson £30 return - Limited space - call well in advance
Turkish Airlines €30 23kg Higher charges for travel outside Europe
Virgin Atlantic Free 23kg Free in addition to regular luggage allowance
Vueling €45 - Bike must be dismantled as much as possible
Wizz Air €30 / £26 - €30 / £26 if booked online, €45 / £38 at the airport. Must be packed in nylon sack or cardboard with deflated tyres

Nearly all airlines require the bicycle to be packaged in a bicycle bag (although a few require a box). Most also request that the pedals are removed, the handlebar is flat against the frame and the tyres are deflated. However, you would have to do most of this anyway to fit it in the bike bag.

Please let us know in the comments below if there are any airlines that we could add to the table.

If you are booked on one our cycle tours and would like us to assist you in the booking of train tickets, please do not hesitate to contact us.