Port d'Envalira

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Andorra la Vella 2,407m 1,378m 27.5 km 5.0% 812 *

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Climb Description

Port d'Envalira is the highest road pass in the entire Pyrneees mountain range and it is the only significant border crossing between France and Andorra. It has also been used in both the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España, with rider such as Alejandro Valverde, Richard Virenque and Federico Bahamontes among those who have crested the climb in the lead.

The problem with the Envalira for amateur cyclists is not the height - the low gradients make it a relatively comfortable climb - but the traffic. This is the main road through Andorra - it is basically their only highway - it connects the border crossings with France and Spain and is busy at all times. The low speed limit (60 km/h) makes it slighlty safer to climb Envalira from this side than from Ax-les-Thermes, but it is still not a pleasant experience to have so many cars and lorries passing you throughout the climb.

Port d'Envalira has some obvious appeal to cyclists, being the road highest pass in the Pyrenees, and the scenery on the upper slopes is beautiful. However, we advise not to cycle the whole climb. There are many better climbs for riding nearby in Andorra, Spain and France, which have better scenery and much less traffic.

Port d'Envalira is usually open from May to October and often much longer depending on the weather. In the winter, a tunnel takes traffic under the highest part of the climb - bicycles are not allowed through here.

Roads & Traffic

There is a lot of traffic throughout the climb, including heavy goods vehicles. This is the main road through Andorra and the the volume of traffic can make it unpleasant for cycling.

The traffic reduces slightly towards the top of the climb, but remains a nuissance, and is busier than ever after joining than the N-20 road in France.

Cycling on the road within Andorra for a couple of kilometres to link other roads is not too bad, but we advise against riding the entire length of the climb.

Alternative Routes

Port d'Envalira can also be climbed starting from France, starting in Ax-les-Thermes. It is also possible to start the climb from the south in Latour-de-Carol. This essentially involves climbing the Col de Puymorens, before turning left after a few kilometres of the descent towards Ax-les-Thermes.

Due to the high amount of traffic though, we advise against riding all of these routes.

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Cycling Holidays

We currently don't have any cycling holidays in Andorra. However, if you would like to customize an itinerary in the region, please contact us and we would happy to organize a trip for you.

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