Sierra Cabrera - Turre

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Turre 831 773 12.2 6.3 1080 ****

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Sierra Cabrera from Turre is a much more challenging climb than the length and average gradient suggest. After an easy first 4km it turns into a difficult interval section.

There are numerous sections between 15% and 20% gradient interspersed with flatter sections, making it almost impossible to find a rhythm. The steep sections, combined with a narrow, uneven road and some tight bends, also make it a very technical descent.

From the junction where this profile finishes, it is possible to continue climbing for a further kilometre, averaging 19% and with a maximum of 30% gradient!

Roads & Traffic

The road is in average condition. It is paved, but has been repaired a lot in places making it quite a rough surface at times. It is worst at the bottom of the climb, but has been recently repaved in the middle and towards the top - so that part it largely in good condition.

There is very little traffic on the road throughout the climb.

Climb Description

Sierra Cabrera from Turre

Sierra Cabrera is a narrow and secluded climb situated close to the town of Turre in the Almería province. It is a popular winter climb for cyclists staying in nearby Mojacar.

The climb from Turre begins from the town centre and head south, passing the village of Sierra Cabrera, before reaching the top of the climb itself.

Sierra Cabrera is one of the more picturesque climbs in Almería. The scenery is greener than the climbs further in land, and the numerous hairpins make for some great views as you look back down the climb.

The climb is easily accessible from the town of Mojacar and in the winter it is not uncommon to find professional cycling teams doing training rides in the area.

The climb is usually open throughout the year.

Alternative Routes

Sierra Cabrera can also be climbed via La Carrasca.


You can extend our Cabo de Gata cycling holiday to include the climb. Or please contact us if you would like to arrange a custom tour in the area.