Hourquette d'Ancizan - Payolle (Pyrenees)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Payolle 1564 476 10.1 4.7 475 *****

Hourquette d'Ancizan from Payolle Profile
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Hourquette d'Ancizan from Payolle is a slightly tougher climb than the statistics suggests, as there are some flat and downhill sections which lower the average gradient. Nevertheless, it is one of the easier ascents in the region and this is certainly the easier side of the climb.

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is in very good condition throughout.

The climb is not especially busy, but expect to be passed by a car every few minutes.

Climb Description

Hourquette d'Ancizan from Payolle

Hourquette d'Ancizan is a newcomer to the Tour de France, having made its debut in 2011. However, it became an instant hit thanks to the stunning scenery and inconsistent gradients. The climb runs more or less parallel to the Col d'Aspin and we would thoroughly recommend climbing it instead of its more famous cousin.

The scenery is quite distinct and different to much of what you find in the Pyrenees. The large open expanses and stunning mountain peaks that you see throughout the climb are usually only found at much higher altitudes. Hourquette d'Ancizan from Payolle is a climb to really enjoy: it is not especially difficult, but sandwiched between the Col du Tourmalet and the Col de Peyresourde does it need to be?

Hourquette d'Ancizan is usually open from May to November, but this can be extended considerably depending on the amount of snow over the winter.

Other sides

Hourquette d'Ancizan can also be climbed from the south, beginning in the village of Ancizan.

Nearby Climbs

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Hourquette d'Ancizan is climbed on our Pyrenees Coast to Coast and Best Of The Pyrenees cycling holidays.