Coll de Jau (Axat)

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Axat 1,506m 1,100m 22.0 km 5.0% 825 ***

Coll de Jau (Axat) Profile

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Climb Description

Coll de Jau is one of the better 'lesser-known' cycling climbs of the Pyrenees range. Situated in the east of the range, in the Catalan Pyrenees, it is characterized by a narrow road winding through forest. The climb from Axat is the less spectacular of the two sides, as it lacks the views of the more open southern side. However, it is still a decent climb, with some challenging gradients in the middle part, after passing Sainte-Colombe-sur-Guette.

Coll de Jau can be open throughout the year, but closures (usually short term) are fairly common during winter.

Coll de Jau (Axat)

From the top you can descend into the heart of French Catalonia

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is generally in good condition, with no holes or crack, but it is a little bumpy at times - more noticeable when descending than when climbing.

There is very little traffic throughout the climb.

Coll de Jau from Axat

Most of the climb is in forest, but it opens up at the very top

Alternative Routes

Coll de Jau can also be climbed from the south, beginning in the town of Prades.

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Cycling Holidays

Coll de Jau is climbed on our Pyrenees Coast to Coast cycling holiday.

Check out the information below for details of this and some of the other tours that we run in high mountains.

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Guided Cycling Holiday
Length: 9 Days
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Price: €1,980 EUR
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Length: 8 Days
Level: Difficulty Challenging-Hard
Price: €1,630 EUR
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