Col de Marie-Blanque (Bielle)

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Bielle 1,035m 585m 11.4 km 5.1% 381 ****

Col de Marie-Blanque Profile

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Climb Description

The Col de Marie Blanque is one of the more famous cycling climbs in this part of the Pyrenees. Its low altitude and friendly name belies a climb which is steep and challenging, and has destroyed many legs before they have even got the chance to tackle some of the higher climbs.

The Marie-Blanque has been used many times in the Tour de France, with the race climbing it from both sides. The climb usually comes early in a stage so it is rare for big names to lead the race over the top; however, the likes of Pedro Delgado, Luis Herrera and Richard Virenque have all crested the climb in first place.

This is the easier and also the more scenic side of the climb. There are several beautiful plateaus on the ascent, where the trees give way to offer stunning views across to the higher peaks of the Pyrenees.

The Marie-Blanque is open throughout the year.

Col de Marie-Blanque Summit

The top of the climb is mostly in forest

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is in good condition throughout.

There is little traffic on the climb, but watch out for cows and sheep in the road if you are descending at high speed!

Alternative Routes

Col de Marie-Blanque can also be climbed from the west, beginning in Escot.

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Cycling Holidays

Col de Marie-Blanque is climbed on our Pyrenees Coast to Coast cycling holiday.   And it is an extension option on our Best of the Pyrenees tour.

Check out the information below for details of these and some of the other tours that we run in high mountains.

Port de Pailheres Cycling
French FlagFrance

Guided Cycling Holiday
Length: 9 Days
Level: Difficulty Hard
Price: €1,980 EUR
*Bike Hire Included

French FlagFrance

Guided Cycling Holiday
Length: 8 Days
Level: Difficulty Challenging-Hard
Price: €1,630 EUR
*Bike Hire Included

Picos de Europa National Park
Spanish FlagSpain

Self-Guided Cycling Holiday
Length: 8 Days
Level: Difficulty Medium to Challenging
Price: from €1,490 EUR