El Aserrador (Mogán)

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Puerto de Mogán 1425m 1417m 37.0 km 3.8% 687 ****

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Climb Description

This climb to the Aserrador pass, begins from Gran Canaria's south coast. It is a long ascent with mostly gentle gradients, and offers impressive views, particularly in the middle and upper parts of the climb.

Starting from near to the coast in Puerto de Mogán, there are no serious difficulties on the climb, but it does climb over 1,500m (thanks to some downhill sections), and so demands a decent level of fitness.

El Aserrador Pass from Mogan

These hairpin bends are about half way up the climb

The road is in a kind of valley and slightly busy for the first few kilometres, but after turning off the GC-200 it becomes really enjoyable. There are a series of dramatic hairpin bends which offer fine views, before you arrive at a flatter section after 21km, where a couple of large reservoirs make for a scenic backdrop.

The final scenery is most spectacular in the final couple of kilometres as you head up to the Aserrador pass, from where you get fantastic views in all directions.

Please be aware that it is currently a little complicated to make this climb into a circular ride. The coastal road (GC-500) between Puerto de Mogán and Puerto Rico is closed and is not passable by bicycle. The only other road to reach Puerto de Mogán is the motorway which has long tunnels and isn't possible to cycle.

So, in order to include this in a circular ride, it is necessary to catch the ferry from Puerto Rico (or Arguineguín) to Puerto de Mogán. Alternatively you can reach the top of this climb via Risco Grande.

El Aserrador Pass

The picturesque last kilometre leading up to the pass

Roads & Traffic

The road surface is generally good on the climb. There are some short rough sections on the flatter part (between 21km and 31km), which are slightly annoying but not too problematic.

The first part of the climb through the town of Mogán has some traffic, but is not usually too bothersome for cycling. After turning off the GC-200 road, it becomes much quieter, with just the occasional car passing by.

Alternative Routes

El Aserrador is in the heart of Gran Canaria and can be reached via various different routes. The climb from La Aldea de San Nicolas is a beautiful, but very challenging ascent, with some extremely steep gradients.

The climbs to San Bartolomé and Risco Grande can also be extended a short distance to reach Aserrador.

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Aserrador is climbed on our cycling holiday to Gran Canaria from the equally spectacular northern route (via Pinos de Gáldar and Artenara).

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