Fonte da Cova (Sobradelo)

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Sobradelo 1,837m 1,507m 27.1 km 5.6% 1,055 ****

Fonte da Cova from Sobradelo - Cycling Profile

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Climb Description

Fonte da Cova is one of the highest roads in the Galicia region and, with a vertical ascent of over 1,500m, it is an impressive climb by any standards. The climb is also sometimes called the Collada Trevinca, which is the name of the mountain peak under which this climb passes.

In terms of cycling, its character is more typical of the León province than it is of Galicia - particularly on the upper part of the climb. The scenery is pleasant, but is also quite barren and sparse at times. The lower slopes are greener, but not quite as vibrant as those found further north in the region.

Overall, this is a nice climb for cycling as much for its challenge and altitude as the scenery. It is certainly one of the best ascents in the area, and more ambitious riders can do a long loop by linking the climb with Llano de las Ovejas.

Fonte da Cova is open throughout the year subject to the weather. Short term closures in winter are common due to snow, but the road is often quickly cleared to allow access to the ski area near the top of the climb. It is best ridden from May to October.

Roads & Traffic

The road is in good condition throughout. It is a well surfaced wide road at the bottom, but does become narrower and slightly rougher as you climb higher - leaving the villages behind.

There is little traffic on the climb.

Alternative Routes

Fonte da Cova can also be climbed from the León side, in a shorter ascent starting from La Baña.

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Cycling Holidays

We currently do not have any tours that visit this part of Galicia. If you would be interested in customizing an itinerary to this region, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the options.

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