Cabeza de Manzaneda (Galicia)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Bibei River (OU-636) 1760 1448 30.5 4.8 975 ****

Cabeza de Manzaneda Cycling Profile
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Roads & Traffic

The road is in reasonable condition. It is fully asphalted and there are no large holes, but it is quite a bumpy surface in places. This is more unpleasant on the descent than when climbing.

There is little traffic on the climb.

Climb Description

Cabeza de Manzaneda is a high mountain climb in the Galicia region which finishes above a ski resort. It is one of the highest and longest ascents in this part of Spain and climbs to the very top of the mountain, which offers fine views of the surrounding countryside.

The first part of the climb to Manzaneda is gentle and with no real difficultires, but the section from here to the ski area is significantly tougher, with several stretches in excess of 10%. At the ski resort you turn off and head towards the communication tower on the top of the mountain - this is fairly steady and is the most enjoyable part of the climb in terms of scenery.

Cabeza de Manzaneda is open as far as the ski resort throughout the year; although sometimes it is necessary to take the alternative OU-0703 road, which is the normal driving route. We recommend climbing it between May and October.

Other sides

Cabeza de Manzaneda can also be climbed via several other combination of roads, although the final 5km from the ski resort to the top of the mountain are always the same. Many of these routes, however, are rolling for long sections before they begin to climb steadily. This is the most authentic climbing route.

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