Mont Caro

Start Town Altitude Elevation Gain Length Gradient Difficulty Rating
Tortosa 1,434m 1,423m 23.2 km 6.1% 1,149 ****

Mont Caro Profile

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Climb Description

Mont Caro is one of the hardest climbs in Catalonia; so it is someone surprising to learn that it is situated 200km south of the Pyrenees range and has a positively Mediterranean climate. The climb begins gently, before the gradient kicks up after 9km. From here it is steep all the way to the summit, with numerous stretches in excess of 10%.

The climb heads into the Els Ports Natural Park and there are some beautiful views on the climb as it flits in and out of forests which line the road. The top of Mont Caro is marked by a rather unsightly television tower, but on a clear day the views from here are stunning.

Mont Caro is open throughout the year depending on the weather. Short term closures are possible in winter, but the dry and mild climate means that the road is open more often than not, even in the coldest months of the year.

Roads & Traffic

The road has been resurfaced quite recently and is now in good condition.

The climb generally has little traffic. The first kilometre is the most busy as you leave the towns of Tortosa and Roquetes - but this is typical slow moving urban traffic.

Alternative Routes

There are several other routes that you can take for the first 6km of the climb, but they all join up and there is only one route up to the summit. We recommend staying on this route, as the road surfaces of the other options are in poor condition.

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Cycling Holidays

We do not currently run any cycling holidays in this part of the Catalonia. However, if you would like to customize an itinerary in the region, please contact us and we would happy to organize a trip for you.

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