Tetica de Bacares (Andalucia)

Start Town Altitude (m) Elevation Gain (m) Length (km) Gradient (%) Difficulty Rating
Velefique 2078 1399 23.8 5.88 1341 *****

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This is a challenging climb. The first part of the ascent, leaving the town of Velefique hovers around 10% for several kilometres. The middle section is easy before a tough last two kilometres. The final kilometre is especially challenging, with both high gradients and a poor road surface adding to the difficulty.

Roads & Traffic

The road is in excellent condition for the vast majority of the climb. It deteriorates in the last kilometre, with the surface changing to corrugated concrete. The last 200m are littered with a lot of stone and pebbles which, combined with the steep gradients, can make it very challenging on a road bike. There is very little traffic on the road throughout the climb.

Climb Description

Tetica de Bacares

The climb to Tetica de Bacares begins on the southern edge of Velefique on the ALP-405. It follows the ALP-405 over the Puerto de Velefique, before turning right after a short descent onto a narrow road which takes you to the TV tower at Tetica de Bacares.

Tetica de Bacares is a challenging extension to the more popular Puerto de Velefique climb. The scenery here is dry and largely rocky, but there are fantastic views looking down on the hairpin bends during the early part of the climb.

From the top you get great views across various mountain ranges of Almeria. On a clear day you can see both the Tabernas Desert and the Sierra Nevada National Park.

Tetica de Bacares is usually open throughout the year. There is a small chance of snow in winter, when it can also be below freezing at the top, but it rarely closes despite being over 2,000m altitude.

Alternative Routes

It is possible to climb to Tetica de Bacares from the north. The majority of the ascent - beginning in Tijola - is similar to a route up to Calar Alto. In the town of Bacares, you continue on to the TV tower though, instead of turning right towards Calar Alto.

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You can extend our Cabo de Gata cycling holiday to include the climb. Or please contact us if you would like to arrange a custom tour in the area.