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Semana Santa Procession Semana Santa (Holy Week) is a big deal throughout Spain. In many English speaking countries, it is an excuse to have a few days off work and eat a bit of chocolate; in Spain, however, it is a week of processions, music and street parties. Although it is celebrated throughout the country, the biggest and most famous is in Seville, the capital of Andalucia.

Seville Festivites

Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Seville each year for its Holy Week processions which take place several times each day from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday. The processions are carried out by various brotherhoods from the city, made up of a few hundred to several thousand 'Nazarenos'. The brotherhoods recreate the events of Holy Week (as suggested by the bible) adding their own interpretation at times, but usually carrying wooden structures to depict their part of the story.

Brass bands and drums feature heavily in the processions; although some of the more somber ones are watched in silence. The whole week is a festival of colour and noise, with dramatic costumes and elaborate performances competing for centre stage.

Seville can get packed during Semana Santa so if you plan to visit make sure you book in advance. Taking place around the end of March / early April, it is also the perfect time of year to cycle in Andalucia. The daytime temperature is usually hot, without being roasting as it is in the summer months, and although it rains occasionally, it is much drier at this time of year than in most of Spain.

Cycling in Seville

Around Seville there are several options for cycling that are described in more detail in the section on Seville. The Ronda valley to the south is popular; however, the most interesting route, particularly for history lovers, is the three cities route - Seville, Cordoba and Granada. This route has some gentle climbs in the Subbetica Natural Park, superb scenery through the olive groves, many excellent history towns, and, of course, the three great cities.

If you would be interested in a cycling holiday to Seville and Andalucia - please check out our self-guided and guided cycle tours to the region.