RSS Feed Cycling in Mallorca: Single Base or Multi-Centered

Formentor Peninsula, Mallorca When planning a cycling holiday one of the key factors to consider is whether you will spend the whole holiday in one place, or move around to more than one location. The latter, a multi-centered tour, is normally easiest to organise through a tour operator that will provide bike hire, transfers, arrange the accommodation, transfer your luggage each day and give you detailed routes. Indeed, this is the service that we offer on our Mountains of Mallorca and Mallorca: The Villages cycling holidays.

The advantages of a multi-centered holiday are that you get to see much more of a place, and you will do unique routes each day. You also get to stay in interesting small towns and villages that it wouldn't make sense to stay in for a full week. The main disadvantage of a multi-centered holiday is that it is usually more expensive than if you stay in one place for the whole tour. There are more costs involved if you need to transfer your bags each day and also hotels are generally a bit more expensive if you book for just one or two nights, than if you reserve for a full week.

Overall, we believe that a multi-centered holiday is the best choice for nearly all destinations, with the biggest caveat being your budget. In Mallorca there are several specific benefits to a multi-centered tour; principally because Mallorca is quite a large island and it is not possible to do all the best cycling routes from a single base. Below are some more factors to consider.

New Roads and Scenery

The main advantage of a multi-centred cycling holiday is that you can do new routes, cycling on new roads each day. This massively increases the amount of the island that you will see and allows you to really experience all the fantastic scenery and culture in Mallorca.

If you are limited to a single base for a week or more, you will end up cycling the same roads several times - particularly getting in and out of the town - and you will also not be able to discover and explore the different villages along the route in the same way that you can if you spend a night there.

Stay in the best towns

Southern Mallorca Many of the best towns to stay in Mallorca, such as Port Soller, Banyalbufar and Estellencs, only really have one or two unique cycling routes that you could do starting from there. If you stay in a single base throughout the holiday then it doesn't make sense to stay in these towns, as you would run out of places to cycle to.

On a multi-centred trip, however, you can just spend one or two nights in these villages, enjoying their unique culture and truly beautiful scenery, before moving on to the next town. In these villages you also find some of the best restaurants in Mallorca.

Varied Accommodation

Mallorca has a fantastic variety of accommodation. These include small boutique hotels on the coast, converted farmhouses and monasteries, beautifully restored townhouses, rural cottages and historic mansions. The diversity and quality of accommodation is one of the highlights of visiting Mallorca, particularly on a bike where you can visit some of the regions that are much less developed by tourism.

Staying in different types of traditional accommodation really gives you a feel for the history and culture of the island and certainly adds more to the holiday than staying in the same hotel for a whole week. Check out our article about the best towns for a cycling base in Mallorca for more details.

Southern Tramuntana

Windmill, Consell Most people choosing a single centre cycling holiday in Mallorca will stay in the north of the island, around the towns of Pollensa and Alcudia. This is a great area for cycling, with two or three excellent routes. The problem, however, is that you will completely miss out on the southern part of the Tramuntana Mountains which are equally spectacular. In the southern part you will find the wine and olive growing regions, as well as the most charming villages in Mallorca. The most challenging climb in Mallorca - Sobremunt - is also located here and so it is well worth spending at least two or three days in the mountains south of Soller.