Mallorca Cycling Routes

The Best Undiscovered Cycling Routes in Mallorca

Sa Calobra, Mallorca Following on from our review of the The Best Cycling Routes in Mallorca, we would like to offer a further ten great rides which explore lesser known parts of the island. Many cyclists come back to Mallorca several times, lured by its superb cycling terrain, quiet roads and good year-round weather. However, rather than cycling Sa Calobra or Cap de Formentor for the fifth time (enjoyable as it is!), why not consider one of these excellent alternative rides?

Likewise, if you are the kind of rider who likes to go away from the (cycling) crowd, you may be more tempted to try these realtively undiscovered rides, rather than the more famous routes. Several of these routes are used on our Mountains of Mallorca and Rural Mallorca cycling holidays, and they have been proved to be extremely popular options.

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The Top Ten Cycling Routes in Mallorca

The Top Ten Cycling Routes in Mallorca Mallorca is well known as one of the best destinations in the world for road cycling. Its perfect road surfaces, variable terrain and warm year round weather has attracted many cyclists. For those of you who are thinking about going, or perhaps have just arrived in Mallorca, here are what we consider to be the ten best rides on the island. As a cycling company that has organized many cycling tours around various parts of the island, we would like to share our favourties. A little knowledge and preparation is vital before a cycling trip to Mallorca, as the roads in some areas are busy and not so enjoyable for cycling. There are routes here to suit cyclists of all different levels.

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The Most Famous Cycling Routes in Mallorca

Cap de Formentor, Mallorca Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations for cycling holidays in the world, and with good reason. The combination of mountains, beautiful coastal scenery, excellent road surfaces and a very cycling friendly culture attracts professionals and amateurs alike to the island.

Here we look at five of the best cycling routes on the island, including some of the most famous as well as some lesser known routes for you to discover.

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A Cyclists Guide to the Villages of Mallorca

Villages of Mallorca Mallorca is an island with several faces. Many people know it as a land of package holidays and beach resorts or for the marina and history of Palma - the capital. Cyclists and walkers may be familiar with the beautiful Tramuntana Mountains in the north of the island - one of the finest destinations for a hilly cycling holiday in all of Europe.

However, lesser known are the historic villages of inland Mallorca. In many ways these represent traditional Mallorca and it is a shame in some ways that they are over-looked by the vast majority of visitors to the island. However, on the other side the relative lack of visitors allows them to retain a sense of isolation and history which makes them so enthralling.

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Sa Calobra - The Toughest Climb in Mallorca

Sa Calobra, Mallorca Mallorca cycle tour">Mallorca is home to several superb mountainous routes. From the undulating Cap de Formentor, to the technical Coll de Soller it is a dream for cyclists that enjoy climbing and wish to test themselves.

There is, however, one climb which stands above the rest (the painfully steep but poorly surfaced Sobremunt notwithstanding). For both its beauty and the challenge that it poses, the climb from Sa Calobra into the heart of the Tramuntana mountains is rightfully the most revered in Mallorca. Find out why it is such a beautiful climb and why it is so popular with cyclists from around the world...

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